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I've been having numerous problems with the elevator i use at work, every time i press one of the buttons, a strange light goes on and sends me to that floor, and other times it'll just stop on floors i haven't pressed and people i don't know will just barge on in, i mean it's my elevator get your own damn one. And other times i'll try to use the phone in the elevator and all these alarms come on and everyone gets all pissed, i mean if you're not supposed to use a phone in an elevator, then why is it there?

-- Art (???????@???????.com), March 13, 2000



I used to have the same problem. Luckily I noticed a door, usually located near the elevator, containing a device where upon lifting a leg, you could rise vertically 10 inches. By repeating this process and alternating legs, I can arrive at my destination. In very tall buildings, I usually have this device all to myself. No alarms, no buttons and I have never been stuck.

-- jerry (jjrexer@csrlink.net), March 14, 2000.

Reply: Wonderful alternative device?

Really, can you tell me where I can get one? These sound like wonderful inventions :).

-- Shaun Ewing (Shaunewing@telstra.com), March 17, 2000.


Home Depot now sells a portable version called a ladder...

-- Joe M... (SuzieMcL@aol.com), October 15, 2000.

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