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First, I am a ardent supporter of free speech. I do think duplicative posts make the forum more difficult to use. I suggest you delete duplicate posts, save one. This allows the individual, no matter how disturbed, to express an idea without denying other participants a readable forum. Seem reasonable?

-- Ken Decker (, March 13, 2000


fuck off decker II

-- laura ((Ladylogic@...),), March 13, 2000.

Ken, I didn't say that.


-- Laura (, March 13, 2000.

Like people said before, we know it is not you, LL.

We also know how Hawk has problems communicating his anger.

This is the way he curses all the time and honestly, I have no doubt decker does not think it is you.

Hawk-cannot leave it alone, HUH?

-- Sybil (multiple@personalities.juvenile), March 13, 2000.

Nobody here believes that this is YOU, Laura. I would even go further than Ken and suggest that Old Regular do NOTHING. MOST folks go pretty much to "new answers" anyway. This spamming attempt will simply roll off.

Old Regular didn't set up this forum so that he/she could spend 24/7 monitoring it. It will be what it is, and there WILL be occasional spam attempts from folks who don't want it to exist. SO WHAT? I didn't see it interfere with dialogue.

-- Anita (notgiving@anymore.thingee), March 13, 2000.

Ill second what Anita, Ken, Flint, and others have said. Let the Hawks of the world post to their hearts content. Eds gulag will dry up sooner or later and we will just have to accept some of the trash that will blow this way. Kind of entertaining if you dont let it bother you. Our sysop RULES!!!

-- Sifting (through@the.rubble), March 13, 2000.

I agree with Ken, remove multiple posts that are duplicates. but leave one "original". This solution is not censorship, but at the same time avoids clutter.

The best solution to trolls has always been, and still is, to ignore the antics. I'll assume that most posters here realize that I am not a fan of LL. Not by a long shot. The disruptions to Bok's chatroom alone were enough to set my mind firmly. HOWEVER, I will say that she has weathered the recent attacks on her with a grace that frankly surprises the hell out of me. As painful as it is for me to admit this, her response should be a lesson for all of us.

-- Uncle Deedah (, March 13, 2000.


I have to admit, Lady Logic is rather confusing. I'm not certain I want to "bet the farm" on her continued graciousness. I've seen "Ms. Hyde" once too many times.

-- Ken Decker (, March 13, 2000.

It is simple... if you do not like what somebody posts...


See, that was easy... I feel better now...

scratchin' an itch...

The Dog

-- The Dog (, March 13, 2000.

LOL Dog!!!

There... Now I feel better now too....

Let me pat you on the head, give you a bone, and send you back to your couch now.

(Good boy)

(Thank you)



-- Laura (Ladylogic@...), March 13, 2000.

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