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I just finished watching the movie Forces of Nature and I was so happy to see that Maura Tierny was in it. My question was that did anybody whose seen the movie notice that they used the same song near the beginning of the moovie that they use in the episode Bstiil my Heart and the seen in which Carter was stabbed? I just thought it was a funny coincidence with the song and Maura being in the movie and everthing.

-- Amy (, March 12, 2000


I'm back, I justed wanted to comment and say wouldn't it be sorta funny or whatever, that if we ever got a name for Abby's soon to be ex-husband that it would be Ben Holmes? I don't know, just a thought. Amy PS Sorry about all the spelling mistakes.

-- Amy (, March 13, 2000.

Does anyone know what the name of that song is? I've been trying to find it for a while...Thanks

-- Cathi (, October 15, 2001.

It's called "Battleflag" by Lo Fidility All Stars (sp?)

-- Kelly (, October 15, 2001.

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