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I just found out that ER didn't win a SAG award for casting. The Sopranos did. I think ER was robbed. First, there aren't any individual characters nominated than they lose on the one main thing they are nominated for. Does anyone else think ER was robbed?

-- Carin (, March 12, 2000


Honestly, no. I think they're victims of poor writing.

-- Phyl (, March 12, 2000.

People bitch about being "robbed" every year -- why this should surprise them, I'm not sure, since the whole point of an awards show is that not everyone can win. I'm certain that this very same griping is going on elsewhere on the net in fora dedicated to other SAG-nominated shows. Not winning does not mean you sucked, it just means you weren't as good as the show that did win.

Think about the 1998 Oscars. Titanic pounded just about everyone, and even got Best Picture. Was it the best picture I saw that year? No, that would have been a toss-up between Wings of the Dove and L.A. Confidential. But they were good movies in their own right, and, trite as it may sound, "being nominated is in and of itself a certain recognition." (Well, except this year, with The Sixth Sense and The Cider House Rules, but we won't go there.)

Besides, there are excellent shows that have never received a whole lot of awards -- Homicide: Life on the Street was praised by critics and fans alike, but failed to win big at award shows. I don't know why. Andre Braugher won the Emmy in 1998 for best dramatic actor, but I think 1998 was probably one of Homicide's weaker seasons.

This past season has been ER's weakest season to date, and frankly, had they won on that basis, I would have wanted to know what the hell the SAG members were smoking and where I could get some, 'cause I could really go for that mind-altering stuff right now.

-- Mike Sugimoto (, March 12, 2000.

I don't think they should have won. ER (especially parts of season five and the first half of season six) has been pretty poor. Why should they be rewarded when we all know that the show is capable of being so much more. I think ER has one of the most talented casts, but unless that talent is used it not much good. Plus I think there are always shows that are the favorities for the year. This year it is the Soprano's, last year it was the Practice. I want ER to win awards when they have produced really good drama (which I definatly think they are back on track with) and showcase the talent. Plus I just don't think that many of the new characters that we have are particulary helpful in contributing to the dynamic of the show.

-- Emma (, March 13, 2000.

I'm not sure if they were exactly "robbed," though I'm really sick of "The Sopranos" winning everything. I've never seen it myself, but those I know who have aren't exactly raving about it. Also, I feel that the actors of "ER" were robbed. Anthony Edwards, Julianna Margulies, and Noah Wyle all deserved nominations. Though the writing wasn't stellar last year, the acting and their performances were still superb. Actors, of all people, should know that the caliber of their performances is quite difficult when the writing is not up to par, yet they pulled it off and should be recognized for that.

-- Leigh (, March 14, 2000.

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