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In dull moments maybe the board can start analysing the hacker threads. Something's going on and it doesn't seem to be oriented to individual gain...Queasy about the relationship to threads on medical records, credit card data and access to government systems through black market labor brought in on subcontracts."Working on" translates into "not yet completed" in bureaucratese.

Fair use etc

Mexican hackers got to Pentagon in 1998, U.S. official says Copyright ) 2000 Nando Media Copyright ) 2000 Agence France-Press BERLIN (March 12, 2000 10:06 a.m. EST - Mexican Zapatista guerrillas managed to hack into the Pentagon's Web site in 1998 using computers on the Frankfurt stock exchange, a U.S. official told a German magazine. "The rebel Zapatistas attacked the Pentagon site in 1998," said Arthur L. Money in an interview published in the latest edition of the German weekly Focus. Money is the chief information officer of the Defense Department. "Using computers on the Frankfurt stock exchange, they managed to hack into the ... computer system," he said. "That, for me, is a flagrant example that such attacks can be carried out anywhere." He said the Pentagon was working to secure certain computer systems that, until now, had not justified security measures. "For example, the computer system of a military hospital could be broken into by hackers, who could change the data on blood groups. "You can imagine the consequences. "So now we realize that we have to develop security for networks that, up until now, were accessible."

-- another government hack (, March 12, 2000

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