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With no ER to watch lately, I've been thinking about it instead. I was remembering Season Two's "Baby Shower" and realized there were some similarities to "Great Expectations" (in which Carol gives birth).

One of the many deliveries during "Baby Shower" was a set of twins in the ER. Mark handled the delivery. The first baby was easy, the second was breach. Carol delivered one of her twins in the ER relatively easily once she got there, the second (although not in the ER) was very problematic. In both episodes it was Mark who either delivered the problem baby, thus saving it ("Shower"), or whose voice of reason helped to save the mother ("Great"). After the twins were born in "Shower" their father rushed in, who had been unavoidably detained at work. In spite of his late appearance, he emotionally assures his twins and his wife that he will always be there for them. Doug Ross hears this and tells the man that he is a good father. Where is Doug now that his own twins are born? Hmmm. . .

Also, in "Baby Shower" we listen as Doug's father tells him that Doug's mother had to ice skate to the doctor when she was in labor. Remember Carol doing some precarious "skating" of her own when she almost fell down the snowy El steps and dropped the pumpkin pie? My, how history does seem to repeat itself!

-- Annie (, March 12, 2000


It's true, it's true...there are no real writers, just semi-conscious aliens in really good human costumes pouring over old scripts, hoping no one notices they cooked and ate the brains of the real writers way back in season 4! What is up with these unending similarities? What next, will Luka take off his shirt and reveal the hideous scars that are causing erectile dysfunction? Will Doug come back and reveal that he's now involved with a stable, sober cop and take the babies away from Carol, singing "Blackbird" by the Beatles as he goes? Will Abby and Dr. Dave share an intimate moment in a bubble bath with a bottle of champagne while they are both technically on call? It's a conspiracy I tells ya...

-- nancy (, March 13, 2000.

If Luka does need some help with any "dysfunctions", let me be the first to volunteer to give him lots and lots of "hands-on" personal care!

-- Linda (, March 14, 2000.

i am getting in line right behind you , linda!

-- Alexis (, March 14, 2000.

I wonder if those similarities between "Baby Shower" and "Great Expectations" were plot recycling, or purposefully done to somehow indicate that Doug will be back? The others could be summed up to plotlines forgotten, but the "skating" bit really does seem to me that "Baby Shower" may have been looked at and considered as they scripted "Great Expectations."

-- Leigh (, March 14, 2000.

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