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I recently watched the ER cast on the Rosie show again and it seems to me that Eriq LaSalle and Alex Kingston are sort of "a thing"? They walked along arm in arm, seemed to tease each other quite a bit and had a little chat "together" before saying good-bye to Rosie. Someone from Hollywood, fill us in! Did anyone else notice this or am I just a romantic at heart?

-- joan (, March 12, 2000


Joan, I totally agree! They looked really chummy.

Can anyone confirm/clear this up?

-- Anna (, March 12, 2000.

I noticed that, too- but the last time I saw LaSalle on an "ET" type of show I was pretty certain that he introduced his girlfriend of several years...very tall, long hair, and model pretty- in fact, sort of resembling Michael Michelle.

-- Chris A. (, March 12, 2000.

Eriq La Salle just recently broke up with his girlfriend of several years. In fact, they're in court over a palimony case. Alex Kingston recently married her boyfriend. She previously was married to Ralph Finnes (I think it was Ralph and not his brother). I don't think they'd be romantically involved in real life since Eriq La Salle asked the producers to not have his character involved in an interracial relationship on the show, I don't think he'd be involved in one in real life.

-- Carin (, March 12, 2000.

I have read that Alex Kingston married her significant other, a German journalist, last year in Santa Fe (it was really cute, they brought their dog on their honeymoon!) She lived with for years and was briefly married to Ralph Fiennes, who left her for Francesca Annis, his co-star in a play. I have also read that Eriq LaSalle requested that the on-screen relationship between Benton & Corday end because he did not want his character to be portrayed as only having stable relationships with white women (huh? I never understood that one...)

-- Cindy (, March 13, 2000.

Seeing them together on Rosie only made you realize how much chemistry the two had together. They really seem to get along well together in real life and it is unforunate that Eriq ended the relatiionship on ER between Corday and Benton. It is also ironic that his real life romance with an African-American woman ended on a down note rather than in happiness. I was really looking forward to the furthering of that relationship when it was transpiring but unfortunately we can only read fanfictions to see where that relationship might have gone.

-- Lindsay Zipprich (, March 13, 2000.

hey you wanna know what i think? i think that ever since there relationship went down the tubes[ since eriq thaought it wouldnt work a white woman and a black man] they have been trying to show everyone that there is no grudge between them. after all lizzie wanted the relationship to work, he didnt.

-- rachel (, March 15, 2000.

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