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does anybody know if there's a way to pass extra data with hidden fields.

itemname itemprice itemquant

are not enough for my ideal use.

I'd like to pass the manufacturer's data, product description, etc...

Hope someone knows the way... Thanx Alex

-- Alex Broens (, March 12, 2000


A few things to take care of.

1. In the ORDER.HTML

Within the FORM section include information that you want to have like the following:

for hidden field:

for users to key-in:

You can add more as you would like to.

2. In the SMART.CGI file

Find the SUB SEND_ORDER and SUB SEND_VERIFY section, after the [print MAIL "Subject: Order Verification";] section, insert the following line at appropreate place:

print MAIL "MORE field : $FORM{'more'}\n"; print MAIL "Mailing Address field : $FORM{'mail_addr'}\n";

-- Patrick Chan (, March 20, 2000.

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