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Billy, u look really cute.

i just finished watching your movie, chasers. i was reading something about your sexuality. i think that it is really cute that if you hang out with buddies. for me, i would like to hang out with you. :) you know, put my hands on your shoulder, and just talk, and hang out. that is something really beautiful about male friendship.

too bad, we guys can't do that like girls always do. i don't find it disgusting if two guys kissing. european guys do that all the time, it is just a way of expressing intimate friendship.

are you available? :)

-- Jocky Boy (, March 12, 2000


william mcnamara

Itotally agree! email me lets talk.

-- nicholas simmons (, March 12, 2000.

William Mcnamara


-- Nick simmons (, March 14, 2000.


OK? that was really dumb. keep those thoughts to yourself. k ;) ciao Gisele

-- Gisele (, June 15, 2000.

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