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I remember once having heard nother name for the extinct romance language that was last spoken on Krk (mentioned in a most insightful answer to a question posted earlier to this discussion list). Does anyone know what it is? Is there any literature describing it, or, while we got this whole archaeolinguistic thing going on, for the original Illyric Dalmatan?


-- Emir Pasalic (, March 12, 2000


It is also called Vegliote, after the old name for Krk.

-- W. White (, September 08, 2000.

Dear Sir: In response to your answer on the Net on old Dalmatian, I inform you that its north dialect Vegliote was not completely dead in 20th century: It disappeared only in the main BVeglia city of actual Krk island, but partly survived in the surrounding hamlets on the same island, in a pauperised version with 2/5 Slavonic words. So e.g. I am its native and youngest living speaker, and in my first 8 years I spoke only them, but then to 17 years in parallel with Serbo-Croatian. I inherited them from my Veglian grandmother Lucee Yoshamya, and partly from my father prof. Mitjeel Yoshamya who noted its living dictionary of 12,000 Vegliote words, left in manuscript. My native name in Vegliote is Zyelimeer Yoshamya - but new authorities imposed me a new slavonized name Andrija Lovric. Now I completed my father's monograph of Vegliote including its dictionary, grammar, and texts with original folk songs and 9 archaic Vegliote legends - reminding of old Greek and Viking epics. This book of about 570 pages is now prepared for print, but I have unsurmountable problems with its fund support. My mailing address: Dr. A.Z. Lovric, Selcina 10, SESVETE, Croatia, HR-10390. E-mails, private: / or also in our working institute:

-- dr. Andrija Lovric / alias Zyelimeer Yoshamya (, October 08, 2001.

I have heard that Dalmatian is also sometimes referred to as Ragusan, Ragusa being the old (Romance) name for Dubrovnik.

-- David Layton (, October 27, 2002.

Vegliote was the northern dialect of Dalmatian. Ragusan was the southern dialect . Ragusa = Split in italian.

-- Steven Broadbent (, September 03, 2003.

split = spalato, dubrovnik = ragusa, zadar = zara, trogir = trał, hvar = lesina....

-- dalmata (, February 23, 2004.

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