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Today the last of the New Questions has scrolled off the TB2K forum. Truly a sad day. :( Or at least a transition....


-- Someone (, March 12, 2000


Hi Frank

Maybe, its just the weekend.

Maybe, sometimes ya gotta take care of business to get to the pleasure.

Maybe, it is the quality and not the quantity.

Just my 2 cents worth.

-- capnfun (, March 12, 2000.


Sorry Cap'n, I meant the *OLD (original)* TB2K forum. Sloppytypingonmypart.


-- Someone (, March 12, 2000.

Frank, you'll have to excuse capnfun, he's a bit slow.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), March 12, 2000.

cap'n knew exactly which forum Someone meant. Like our government, old TB2K has passed so many laws/rules limiting personal freedoms (speech) that it has become a joke.

-- gilda (, March 12, 2000.

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