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Here in Ireland, we've just seen an interview with George Clooney on Sky News while he was promoting Three Kings.During the interview, Clooney was asked if he had considered going back to ER for a final episode.He said that he would have but the producers never asked and considering they're almost finished the season,it looks like he wont be asked.This interview was only recorded within the last three weeks, so things really don't look very promising at all,do they?

-- Linda (, March 11, 2000


I heard a different side of the story. I heard that George Clooney was offered $200,000.00 for one episode and he either didn't or couldn't make the committment. With celebrity gossip as prevalent as it is, it's hard to believe anything unless it comes "straight from the horse's mouth". Anyway, I don't hold out hope that Dr. Ross will ride away into the sunset with Hathaway.

-- Carin (, March 11, 2000.

You must have gotten the figures wrong because $200,000 for an episode for George Clooney is not alot at all being Edwards, Wyle and LaSalle all make somewhere around $400,000 an episode. $200,000 would be practically an insult.

Anyway, its not true I'm sure. Clooney has always denied that they have asked him at all.

-- - (, March 12, 2000.

I just read something that said that after Carol kisses Luka and then decides that it's not him she wants but Doug that she tells everyone that she is moving to Seattle because she talked it over with Doug and he wants to raise the twins with her. Mighty nice of the big guy, I must say. Is it true? Maybe but I think probably!

-- joan (, March 12, 2000.

I'm for one is kind of hoping that all that's been said that they're keeping it a very big secret. I think that the stars of the show will tell some kind of lie to cover things up and to start rumors just for fun to see how far things will go. All I know, is that the show will get alot of dissapointed fans if we don't get an ending to Carols and Dougs relationship. I know I will.....

-- Ina (, March 13, 2000.

A while back Julianna Margulies came to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival, and one of the local TV news stations interviewed her and of course they asked about a Doug/Carol reunion and she said that she would be the last person that the writers/producers would tell because of all of the media pressure on her. I am sure it might be a similar situation for George.

-- 2222 (, March 14, 2000.

If we do not get to see Carol, Doug, and their daughters together, clearly TPTB have robbed us. There are so many loyal fans who are devoted to the show and are emotionally vested in the D/C relationship. With both actors leaving the show, why can't they just make the fans happy and do what we want? C'mon, it's not that hard...

-- Leigh (, March 14, 2000.

I agree with you Leigh. I do not understand why they (supposedly) haven't asked him back. George CLooney said he would if they asked him, and obviously it would be more than great for ratings. But I have also heard that he doesn't want to take the moment away from Julianna Margulies, but come on! Did he get a great exit? No, Doug just got a whole lot of disapproval from his old friends, a sad kiss with Carol, and a 2 minute farewell with Mark. THey should "go out" together...sort of as an improved farewell of Dr. Ross, and Carol Hathaway.

It is possible that they will keep it as low key as possible...if they do ask Clooney, he will probably not even say anything because he will be attacked by media. However, if he is coming back, there are only like 5 or 6 episodes left and they had better start a segway into that, or it will not seem realistic at all. If mention of Doug doesn't come up in the next few episodes, I think we will be in for a disappointment.

-- Elaine (, March 15, 2000.

Although, I think it would be kind of neat (and like Doug) to show up at the ER and totally surprise Carol!

-- amanda (, March 15, 2000.

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