elevator attendant's, what is there official name?

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righting a book and I'm trying to remeber what they used to call elevator attendants. What was it?, an usher or bell boy? would appreciate a reply

-- CJK (swcowboy@hotmail.com), March 11, 2000


The usual term is "Operator" - "Attendant" is also used, I believe.

Usher and bellboy apply to other functions. I have not seen those terms applied to elevator operators.

Some Municipalities require a license for Elevator Operators.

John Brannon

-- John Brannon (akaelevman@AOL.com), March 11, 2000.

I think the terms 'elevator attendant' and 'elevator operator' are both acceptable. By the way, if you are 'righting' a book and want to know what 'there' name is, you might consider using spell-check before submitting your manuscript to a publisher.

-- (j92reunion@aol.com), June 01, 2003.

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