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UK--BT Error Cuts Off Elderly Care Line

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BT error cuts off elderly care line HOUSING chiefs have hit out at BT after care lines to elderly people in sheltered housing were cut off by mistake.

The error left around 60 sheltered housing properties in the Tynedale area of Northumberland without access to the telephone helpline for a short period.

Though no incidents occurred when the lines were down, authorities at Tynedale Housing - the recently-created body that took over the former council house stock in Tynedale - has sought assurances from BT that the situation will never occur again.

The fault came to light when a smoke alarm at an elderly resident's bungalow was activated. A central control failed to contact the tenant.

Subsequent checks showed that around 60 properties in three locations within Tynedale had been hit.

It is thought the mix-up occurred because of last year's changeover in sheltered housing properties from Tynedale Council to Tynedale Housing.

Tynedale Housing Chief Executive Ian Darling said: "BT reinstated the lines once they confirmed that the account had been paid. They assured us that this situation will not occur again."

-- (, March 11, 2000

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