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I am in need of some comfrey plants. I live in Maryland near the Pennsylvania line. Does anyone near here have some to share or sell when they come up? Thanks,Chris

-- Chris Dehne (, March 11, 2000


Hi Chris,

I will be getting some comfrey soon. I live in VA., however, we are originally from western NY and travel home a few times during the summer. Where do you live in PA.? I usually come up I70 to the PA. turnpike then to I99. I'd be glas to deliver some.


-- Bernice (, March 11, 2000.


Send me a note to my email. I will have more than enough to share, but not until they peak above ground this spring. We rototilled over an old bed that I thought I had dug out carefully. Now they are all over as "weeds" in my expanded garden.

-- Lilly (, March 12, 2000.

There's also an article in the new Countryside about comfrey and they have some for sale. Lily, if you have a lot to share, I'd be interested as well. Be happy to buy or at least pay postage.

-- Jean (, March 12, 2000.

Lilly, That article in countryside has piqued my interest in growing comfrey as well and I would like to get some from you as well. I would be happy to send you postage and whatever. I am thinking about sinking some very large plastic pots in the ground (the kind you get trees in) and plant them in those. That way I figure I will be able to control their spreading as I live in Virginia and expect they would become unruly. Thanks.

-- Colleen (, March 13, 2000.

I'm happy to share my comfrey with anyone who needs it, if you'll just send a couple bucks for postage. Just e-mail me with your request. I am in Michigan.

-- Shannon Lentz (, March 14, 2000.


As long as you can leave them in an undisturbed place, they would do just fine. I have three roots I use off of for the animals and kitchen, and those three have stayed put in a perenial bed for several years. I dug those from the area where they are now weeds, and the tiny roots I missed, and that where chopped with the rototiller is the "problem".

But, at least I can share my problem. :-) I have answered all who have written so far, and can send to two more folks easily. If two more would like some roots, post here, then others will know we can't offer any more right now. I only wish for price of postage.

If after spring chores get finished, I find I have more time, during the later "weedings" of the patch, I will bring up this thread if someone else wishes for some roots at that time.

-- Lilly (, March 14, 2000.

I have Comfrey for sale, 10 root cuttings $9.95, I usually only ship in the spring. Bruce

-- Bruce Burdge (, September 13, 2000.

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