Japanese INP site + 7.2 million point gaplus score?

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The Japanese INP site that was eluded to was exposed at the Twin Galaxies' Message Board

This site is http://www.mamenavi.com

But I'd be very weary of that site. Why?

Well Twin Galaxies has been ooing and aaing about a 7.2 million point gaplus score, whereas the MARP high score is only 1.2 million. This is the second recording for gaplus at the Japanese INP site. The score took 5 3/4 hours to complete and completed 400 stages.

It's a real score... but according to us... if it was submitted, it would be disqualified.

Why? Well I've found that 35 % of the shots fired(which totals 68,958 out of 246,680) were differentiated by one frame. This means that each shots was fired 0.016667 seconds apart. Translation: EXTREME AUTOFIRE. Good chance of a slowdown as well!

So... according to our standards... we would not allow this recording to live very long. Now this is only one recording, there is most likely some spectacular scores that were played correctly with no cheating, I'm just showing you to be aware of possible violations by our standards.

Thanks for reading - GB9

-- Gameboy9 (goldengameboy@yahoo.com), March 11, 2000


Yeah! I have to agree you, Gameboy! There are some japanese inps have used autofire in some games and some cool tricks especially Outrun's infamous gear gauca trick! Some of them could've been banned MARP site if they appeared on MARP unless Zwaxy would put it on Easter Eggs or cool tricks page (Sorry! I forgot what is called!) I wasn't sure why they didn't put it out on MARP site!

-- NotMan (Notman99@yahoo.com), March 11, 2000.

I have entried both MAMENAVI and MARP. As Gameboy9 mentioned they (including me) use autofire at MAMENAVI. However it doesn't mean I am unaware of TG. I entry here in Mooncresta with no modified game setting, no autofire.

I think MAMENAVI is just for people seeking fun, not for competitors in scores. That's why most of them wouldn't entry here. I don't consider them as No.1 in the world nor foul high score competitors. Each site has its own rules and I enjoy within the rules.

Actually MAMENAVI has some unique inps such as Lode Runner IV. A player operates both runners simultaneously using pc keyboard. It means he uses twelve keys in game. Isn't it kind of a cool?

-- kamo'n (iamfine@geocities.co.jp), March 12, 2000.

Just so everyone knows... what I DO respect in the Gaplus recording is the person's stamina. 5 3/4 hours is quite a bit of time to spend on one recording - and this I congratulate you on kamo'n.

If MAMENAVI allows autofire - then it's allowed. Period. We can't change that rule here unless we joined at MAMENAVI at least. I'm following the MARP model - which was agreed by a 21 - 6 count to ban autofire. Maybe that was incorrect to do so... but please understand that I have beliefs that some other people don't have. And it's also true that some other people have beliefs that I don't have.

And just FYI... I said that it was only one recording that used autofire. I did NOT say every recording used autofire - I didn't even say two recordings used autofire. Yes... I believe there are some spectacular scores out there that don't cheat at all.

What I'm going to try to take a look at is that Lode Runner IV recording sometime - controlling two characters at a time sounds interesting!

You know... I think I confirmed that moon cresta recording - 341,670 right? That kamo'n was very impressive - that I must recognize and I must congratulate you for.

-- Gameboy9 (goldengameboy@yahoo.com), March 12, 2000.

I'm still trying to find a reliable page to translate the japanese text to english so I can see what I'm downloading ahead of time. I did download a few inps and based on the size, I was able to determine weather or not it was a good one or a crappy one. Never the less, I downloaded small inps of Mr. Do, Galaga, and Crazy Kong to find the following:

1) Crazy Kong: Showed the skip level trick and a incredible points trick on the pie stages I never seen before!!! I don't see any problem using it because it only helps you out untill you finish the level or sacrifice a life. After the 2nd trick, then the inp ended. Very cool trick though. Must see.

2) Mr. Do: Showed the unlimited men trick on the first stage, then the inp ended.

3) Galaga: You guessed it, shows the no-fire trick on the 1st stage. Then the inp ended.

I'm sure there are many more good inps like the out run and hang on inps that a japanese player (Hisa chan) talked about on the TG board that are worth downloading. I just wish I could see the score before I download it so I got an idea if it's a good one or just a trick. I think it's possible I may of clicked on a link that shows tricks and stuff like on the MARP page, this could be possible. I'm using InterTran translator and when I translate the page, the sections where the inps are is missing! So using this site is useless. Any recommendations? I did remember trying to download a inp but couldn't because of time and think it was like 18 meg! I just can't remember the game...

Regards, Steve Krogman

PS About the possibility of him using auto fire and maybe frame skipping? Hisa chan clearly stats that between 84-85 he knew of at least a dozen players that could easily reach 10M in the arcade and at least 2 players that marathoned the game. 100M in 60 hours. He stated around 20M is the crucial point because if your on a roll with racking up men, your right around that point of the 256 mark and 1 more men over will reset the men counter to 0 and it's asta-la-bye- bye, game over. I thought what it would be like if you could get men after a million on Galaga. Geesh, I think I can get a 100m if I could use the bug trick and play on the speed fire ver. (an idea thought of for a charity fun raiser by TG) Oh and Hisa chan is for real himself. He is probably THEE best player EVER on a shooter game hands down. I'll put ALL my money on him without thinking twice. I personally got in the mail a recorded taping of him playing over 10 shooters and 1 racing game for the arcade and I couldn't believe my eyes the things he was doing that looked humanly impossible, but I have the irrifutable proof.

-- stephen krogman (skrogman@bellsouth.net), March 12, 2000.

Hey all, I want to add some more about AUTO-FIRE... Yes, I'm the man who made the Gaplus recording in question. Here in Japan, we can use auto-fire in arcade as well as console. so all arcade high-score rankings are classified into 2 types. One is with-auto-fire, and the other is without-auto-fire. I think this habit is common only in Japan, but please understand the cultural background of the recording. Of cource, Gaplus is from Japan, you know. I swear I can make 10.0 million points without auto-fire, so you'll check my next recording in mamenavi. See you soon.

-- HIR (anonymous@please.com), March 12, 2000.

Putting down the hammer on the 50m on Crazy Kong is a well-known trick, although maybe not in the US since CK machines are very rare here. It only works on CK machines that have fast conveyor belts starting at L=02, and only when they're actually fast (so not on L=01). I myself have known it for 18 years or so, and it's mentioned on the web too, for instance on Crash's Hints, Tips, and Info page: http://tips.emuviews.com

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Ben Jos Walbeehm (walbeehm@walbeehm.com), March 12, 2000.

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