OT Train Crash Injures 30 Passengers in London

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Train crash injures 30 passengers in London

LONDON (March 10, 2000 9:19 p.m. EST http://www.nandotimes.com)

At least 30 people were injured on Friday when a passenger train arriving at London's Waterloo Station slammed into an empty train.

Authorities said most of the injuries were minor, but 11 people were treated for cuts and bruises and another person was hospitalized with head and chest injuries.

About 120 people were on board the train when it crashed just after midday, police said.

Rail officials said they believed either a crew error or a problem with the moving train caused the crash.

Initial inquiries ruled out the possibility of a failure of signaling or other track-side equipment, they said.

The engineer passed a routine alcohol test, said British Transport Police Superintendent Tony Thompson.

The collision was the latest safety scare on Britain's railways. In October, 1999 -at the height of the morning rush hour - a train driver headed out of Paddington station in west London and collided with an incoming high-speed train, killing 30 people.

-- viewer (justp@ssing.by), March 10, 2000


i have just started an assignment on disasters and emergency, and working on the Paddington train crah. Its disgusted me to find out that the government has imported and used cheap cast iron from abroad and i think if most people found out what they were using no one would use the trains, and would therefore use a differenet public transport, not that the dodgy tracks have anything to do with the Paddington train crash but are at fault for many of the train crashes that have happened. I was also appauled at the record of SPADs (Signal Passed At Danger) that Railtrack had - that record is an amazing 22 signals. I think that something needs to be done before another major train crash happens, and everyone abadons the transport of trains. Thankyou for giving me this opportunity to put my views across.

James Gilman age: 19

-- james gilman (james.1.gilman@talk21.com), February 09, 2001.

Maybe, the issue was not only Y2K. I have read the mutterings of those who testified. I READ the Congressional, of my "subject of choice". Maybe you should pursue. Your choice, How intelligent, are you? How Determined? Your Objective?

-- My Story (andIam@sticking.com), February 11, 2001.

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