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Whats the title of the thread?

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Thank you! The topic is near the top. Entitled "Gov't Politics. Big Oil and the Plan. Speed!

-- Another (, March 10, 2000.

Big Oil And The Plan For Population Control By Byron T. Weeks, MD 3-9-00

There are legitimate concerns about pollution. The very air we breath is poisonous. Smog is irritating to the lungs and cases of chronic bronchitis and emphysema are increasingly common. People are dying. The forests are shrinking. The discharge of pollutants into the lakes and rivers is poisoning the waters, and when the great rivers have collected all the contaminating oil and sludge and discharged it into the oceans, the shrimp, the salmon, the oysters, the fish, the whales, and the dolphins get sick and die. And vital oxygen-giving plankton is gradually disappearing from the seas.

We now have very large and effective environmental movements who are telling us that the pollution of the ecosystems is killing the planet. These well intentioned groups are being funded by big oil and the other large corporations, and they are convinced that the causes of pollution directly relate to overpopulation. They claim that there are just too many people on the planet and,like infection in a host organism, they are causing the earth to sicken and die. There are too many people with too many gasoline powered cars, using too many petrochemicals and plastics, all of which end up in the soil, in the water, and in th air we breath.

So now we are told that the world population must be reduced to an environmentally sustainable level. Plans are afoot to do just that. The globalist plan is to reduce the population over the next 20 years to about ten percent of the present total by means of famine, NBC warfare,contaminated vaccines, and mass murder. They plan to "re-wild" large parts of the planet, especially in North and South America, and bring back the mighty forests, and he flora and the fauna that existed before Columbus. They are importing wolves and grizzly bears back into the populated areas. Mountain lions may not be hunted, in order to increase their numbers and restore the"balance of nature.

Top members of the ultra-rich elites, [the New World Order] such as Ted Turner and the Rockefellers, have bought up vast tracts of land and established huge ranches. They are raising large herds of elk, antelope,and buffalo which will be used in the re-wilding process. Eventually, according the the master plan, the forests and the rivers, and the vast, fertile plains will be teeming with wild life, and the people, with their cattle and horses and sheep, their smog belching automobiles, and their factories laden with chemical smoke, will all be gone.

The disarmed farmers, ranchers, and townspeople will one day be moved out of the Heritage sites and UN Biospheres, and it will be done by the lethal force of UN soldiers and armed gangs, if necessary. Deliberate attempts to reduce the food supply are underway. Hybrid seeds which germinate only once are replacing natural grains. Farmers are paid not to grow crops. Use of chemical and natural fertilizers is being reduced. The World Trade Organization, along with NAFTA and GATT are strangling the stock raisers, the wheat farmers, and the Potato growers by rendering profitless what they have long produced, and importing grains, beef, wool, and produce from foreign countries where labor is cheap and people are just another commodity. According to the master plan, North America, the bread basket of the world, will revert to wilderness once more. South America will be depopulated and the jungles of the Amazon will return to the former unpolluted and pristine state.

So goes the great GLOBAL 2000 plan as devised by the globalist Committee of 300 and the Club of Rome. But wait just a moment, here! Are these theories valid? Who are the real major polluters of the planet? Who sinks the oil wells and produces the gasoline? Who builds the internal combustion engines? Who manufactures the petrochemicals, and the petroleum and coal tar derived pharmaceuticals? Who, through the power of great wealth, has influenced the Congress and the state legislators to pass laws prohibiting the development of non petroleum, non polluting energy sources? Do the people know that the researches of Nicola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Neuman, and others, who havedeveloped the overunity engines and other free energy devices have been suppressed?There are ways of drawing limitless energy from the Van Allen belt, and from the electromagnetic fields of the earth itself... There are actual methods of producing energy by extraction of burnable hydrogen from water. There are batteries and fuel cells being developed that could deliver several days of power to electric cars. It has been known for years that free energy could actually transform the world and release the people from their semi-slavery, their bondage to Big Oil and Big Business, and the predatory taxation of Big Government, for cheap sources of power could decentralize the population centers, allowing the people to leave the teeming, smoky cities and to make their homes in idyllic rural areas. Free energy, and cheap sources of power would one day actually enable mankind to live in comfort without the petroleum and coal pollution that is killing the planet.

But the inventors and developers of free energy havebeen repeatedly suppressed through litigation, and somehave even been murdered, and it is not difficult to figureout who was behind it all. Free energy would enable actual further increases in the world population, and would raise productivity, increase individual wealth, andand make possible the release of all mankind from servitude to big business, big oil, and their funding of big government to keep themselves rolling in wealth at the expense of the ordinary citizen. I am forced to remind you that both of the major political parties and the two major candidates presently running for the presidency of the United States of America are in thrall to the evil New orld Order. The same is true in most of the larger countries of the world. (I'm sick of formatting're on your own!) The criminal hypocrisy of the globalist hegemony must be revealed, for they are the real conspirators. Depopulation is not the answer. The monstrous plan for arbitrarily killing off 90% of the people, so that the ultra rich can continue to pollute the ecosystem must be stopped. So, what is the answer? It is FREE ENERGY. We don't need to be eternally dependent upon the petroleum cartels. Plastics can be made from vegetable oils and fibers. Lubricants can be synthesized from vegetable oils. We must gradually and drastically reduce the use of petroleum and its products and begin to allow the free use of these new products and the known sources of limitless power.


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Re: [Government: Politics] Big Oil and the Plan for Population Control


Paranoia at its best! lynnie45 Global user (3/10/00 5:41:20 pm) Reply

Re: [Government: Politics] Big Oil and the Plan for Population Control

Keep in mind that that Nazi's also decided to eliminate certain segments of the population, not for environmental reasons, but for other reasons allegedly supporting the long term good of mankind. And as the facts came out, and the leaks became a flood of information, the USA of the late 30's and 40's did nothing. Many top leaders in Europe also refused to believe the truth. Immigration for the victims was tightened and the media buried the increasingly reasonably believable reports leaking out about the death camps. I say all that to say that I expect even more cover ups and more evil than Hitler ever represented, IF we are nearing the time prophesied in Revelation of the final antichrist and the one world government. And our leaders will probably respond the same way they did then....doing nothing while the ovens burn. However, you really harm the cause by subscribing to certain things that may not represent the global agenda. Case in point-hybrid seeds are vastly better for production, in yield, drought resistance, etc. I advocate more wild seed stocks personally, and subsequent higher food prices, but I don't think they represent a evil conspiracy. They produce more food. Some other areas-plastics, energy, etc. are a reflection of laziness, ignorance, greed, corporate lobbying, and all sorts of vice, but not necessarily a formal globalist agenda. It is my opinion that there is enough legitimate material in print from the UN, Council of Rome, etc. to scare the sh++ out of anybody, without needing to surmise that the entire food, energy,manufacturing, etc. sectors are a plot of the globalists. judy Local user (3/10/00 6:37:41 pm) Reply

Big Oil and Population

Ditto!!!! Maher Shalalhashbaz Global user (3/10/00 7:00:49 pm) Reply

Re: [Government: Politics] Big Oil and the Plan for Population Control

Great Post! Just what I've been trying to tell everyone all along. Read about the "Deep Ecology" movement here:

Maher Shalalhashbaz brock Local user (3/10/00 8:32:46 pm) Reply

Re: [Government: Politics] Big Oil and the Plan for Population Control

Thed Turner pretty much lives in a bottle and I doubt he has a clue as to what's happening in his private life, much less the rest of the world. I'm also fearful as to what's happening in America today with the continued loss of our freedom and rights. I don't know who 'THEY' are in the international world, if there is a THEY - which I doubt, but I don't have to look far to find the reason for my rights being lost. Congress passes the laws in this country (and our state legistlatures) and without more and more oppressive laws being written and passed by our representitives we wouldn't be on the slippery slope we are presently on. Either our elected officials get the message that we care about our freedom, or sooner or later we'll have none. Don't forget, a majority of Americans didn't want Clinton thrown out of office when it became obvious that all what a total slimball the man is, was, and always will be. As long as is rising, a majority of Americans are content to leave our extremely flawed elected officials in place. Well, folks, soon we'll see burst and what we'll have left is the same slimballs in office and a lot of economic pain. A people get the government they deserve. 'Surrender freedom for security and sonn you shall have neither,' Thomas Jefferson. I'm watching it happen and my heart is breaking. This is not the nation I want to leave for my grandchildren. Through much sacrifice the generations before me assured me my place of freedom and opportunity as a free citizen. What will I be passing on to those to follow? Brock Sheri Nakken Global user (3/10/00 10:34:44 pm) Reply

Re: [Government: Politics] Big Oil and the Plan for Population Control

Give me a break! This went around lists before! You want population control - its called vaccines!

Sheri Sheri Nakken Global user (3/10/00 10:38:01 pm) Reply

Re: [Government: Politics] Big Oil and the Plan for Population Control

the part I meant 'give me a break' about was that environmentalists are funded by oil companies. I've been part of environmental movements and never saw a dime from big oil.


-- kritter (, March 10, 2000.

Darn...I spent ten minutes formatting that and then I stopped halfway through and gave up and posted it anyhow...and guess what..It formatted itself..! Durrr...heh.

-- kritter (, March 10, 2000.

Here's what we can do for our grandchildren.

Show them how fragile our "system" is...

Get it?

-- meme (, March 11, 2000.

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