Who were Carter's OTHER med students??

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I recently saw the TNT rerun of "The Good Fight" where Carter and Lucy go around Chicago trying to find a little girl's dad to donate blood for her. In that Episode, Carter told Lucy something like "You're the only medical student I've had who ever showed any promise." I think that was in the scene right before he fell and dislocated his shoulder.

Anyway, I started thinking "Wait - When did he ever have any other med students??" Granted, I didn't start watching the show until Fall of 1997 and I recently started watching the 1st season reruns that come on late Sunday night where I live, so I guess I probably missed something between Seasons 1 and 4. But I was just wondering who they were and what they were like.

-- Melanie (msintn@hotmail.com), March 10, 2000


Carter had one -- I forget which season these are from -- played by Chad Lowe who was not going to practice medicine in the traditional sense but was only going to do lab related brain research. He was never around--was always running off to the lab, and Carter had to give him a negative review. Then he (the student) developed a severe allergic reaction to latex (a very timely storyline) and Carter and Anna Del Amico had to very quickly save his life.

I think he had a different one, around the same time, played by an Asian-American actor, who was constantly puking at the sight of blood. I think there may have been more, too, but these are all that are currently coming to mind...

-- nancy (tbc@po.cwru.edu), March 10, 2000.

Well there was Henry-a hypochondriac who didn't like people, tested some recearch on fish sperm, and was allergic to latex, and the one who fainted and threw up all the time, and I think there was one more who kept asking about what people had gotten stuck up their anus. Even though I hated Lucy I definatly agreed with Carter when he said she was the only one who showed any promise, but look at the other ones!!


-- Amelia (sorry@msn.com), March 10, 2000.

Thanks, you guys! Actually, now I do remember those two students - Henry and the Asian guy who threw up a lot. Those must have been around season 4 because Anna was still there. I guess I forgot about them because they never became main characters and they weren't on there very long.

-- Melanie (msintn@hotmail.com), March 10, 2000.

This isn't really related to Carter's med students, but in a way it is. It has to do with the degrees of separation. Carter had a med student named Henry who was played by Chad Lowe. Chad also played Jessie in "Life Goes On". That also starred Kellie Martin, who just happened to also appear as one of Carter's med students, Lucy, on ER. Has anyone else noticed this kind of connection with other characters?

-- Carin (cdenisehaze@usa.net), March 11, 2000.

This isn't as ironic a connection between characters, but Mare Winningham (who played Amanda Lee) also appeared on "Mad About You" as Paul & Jamie's neighbor. Helen Hunt & Anthony Edwards happen to be very good friend in real life.

-- Leigh (WillnGraceNYC@yahoo.com), March 11, 2000.

Don't forget the "Top Gun" connection - Anthony Edwards as Tom Cruise's copilot Goose, and another pilot, call sign Slider, played by the same guy who played Tag, (Dr. Taglieri) the orthopedic guy who Carol almost married way back. That was back when Anthony Edwards had way more hair...

-- Terri (tduggan@c-b-e.org), March 14, 2000.

I'd forgotten about the Top Gun Connection--there's more to it: Dr. Willie "Wild Willie" was played by Michael Ironsides. He was also in Top Gun-can't remember his call sign.

-- Carin (cdenisehaze@usa.net), March 14, 2000.

Michael Ironsides was Jester

-- Kristin (kmunkittrick@iname.com), March 15, 2000.

There was also that guy who kept fainting at the sight of blood Ivan Fu.

-- Teddy (richarr@earthlink.net), June 23, 2001.

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