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I was just reading the question and responses about gas prices and decided I'd mention something that has really been eating at me during the recent Presidential hooplah. To me it seems that the Republicans are for big business and the Democrats are for the handout programs and the poor and nobody represents the majority of us who are hard-working people trying to make a decent living/life for our families. Some of the other parties that already exist are either too radical/aggressive or too limited in their platform. Why can't we have a party that gets farmers a decent wage for what they produce, cuts down on a lot of the giveaway programs unless you work to get your handout, and quits giving tax breaks to the Corporations and rich. Why can't car manufacturers and other hard goods producers be forced to lower their prices so every family could afford a new car and other necessary items without having to have husband and wife have to work. Not being home to raise the children is producing unhappy kids at best and violent criminals at worst. We are killing ourselves, not living happy lives, raising frustrated and rebellious children and sitting at home grousing about our plight. We need to mobilize the common man/woman, and the internet is a great tool to do it, and start a new party to run the government FOR THE PEOPLE like it was originally designed. We have the great strength of numbers if we can only get organized enough to pull it together. I for one would be willing to help do it but I haven't a clue how to go about it. We need to cut down on so much government interference and let citizens live their lives with some freedom. Guess I am just doing some grousing of my own because I just feel so powerless yet I know we could do it if we could just figure out how. I think about the boycotts in the old days which would change a company's business practices because our numbers forced them to listen. But it needs to go further and create a political party so all of the issues could be put out on a platform and Congress would have to take the regular guy/gal seriously instead of ignoring us. I obviously can't go into everything that is buzzing around in my head about this but I'd like to hear your thoughts.

-- Colleen (, March 10, 2000


Count me in.....The Silent Majority is not dead, just unconscious..

-- Lesley Chasko (, March 10, 2000.

Colleen, the party you describe sounds closer to Libertarian than anything else. You might check out some of their web sites for your own reading on it. On a more cynical note, Congress doesn't take the regular guy/gal seriously because we don't make six-figure "soft money" campaign donations. The system in place now, regardless of D or R after a name, is essentially legalized bribery IMHO.

-- JLB (, March 11, 2000.

When I look at other countrys I feel lucky to live in the USA.But I have to agree , we've gone so far of the mark .Some how everyone has forgotton why our forefathers came to this great land.All the origional beliefs are well, only on paper.I can understand how some of these radical groups start,they start with some good ideas but then some how get twisted.Things have to be different otherwise we will be no better than a communist country.Sit down and take a look at what our goverment tells us we can and cant do ?

-- Patty Gamble (, March 11, 2000.

JLB, I am familiar with the Libertarian party and while I agree with some of the things they stand for, they seem to me to be a little too hostile. I want to change the way our country is run but I don't want to overthrow the government. This may be a misinterpretation of them on my part. I truly believe we can make a difference if we organize for change but not as if we are trying to have a revolution. To me this is the one factor that keeps people away from the Libertarian party. Otherwise, I think they might have a chance. My husband just came in the room to tell me about something he just heard on the news. Airlines contract to buy their fuel for a year to a year and a half in advance so they are currently paying thirty cents a gallon but all of the airlines are raising their prices because fuel prices for the general public are going up. It is just another way that big business is ripping off the people. It has nothing to do with passing along the higher costs. They are not having higher costs yet. GRRRRR. This bugs me.

-- Colleen (, March 11, 2000.

Will you include good old-fashioned "Common Sense" in your new political party? There's seems to be a major shortage of it. It does go along quite nicely with God, nature, peacefulness, homesteading and other things that really matter. It doesn't go along with greed, power hunger and deceitfulness at all.

-- Cindy (, March 11, 2000.

I have two words for you: Alan Keyes. The mainstream media is actively ignoring him. He makes too much sense to be allowed any publicity, which in turn would generate real support for his candidacy. If he got real grassroots support, and made a substantial showing at the polls, it would turn our current corrupt system upside down, and bring us back to the republic that the founders of this nation envisioned. Check out his website:

Btw, It's curious that in this politically-correct era, the media are not making a big deal over this black candidate with great credentials. They sure gave Jesse Jackson enough airtime when he was running. But of course, Keyes doesn't put on the sideshow that Jackson does. . . not to mention that their views are diametrically opposed. . .

After years of disappointment with the poor choices we have been given in the voting booth, I intend to write in Keyes on my presidential ballot.

-- Nancy Johnston (, March 11, 2000.

WE ARE NOT HOSTILE,DAMNIT!! DO YOU HEAR?? Just joking, of course, but my philosophy matches more closely with the Libertarian Party than any other. MORE closely! - there are, of course, some things they haven't quite got right from my perspective. But where in the world did you get the impression Libertarians are in favor of overthrowing the gov't? There is absolutely no basis for that. The primary tenet of Libertarians is that our government is too large and intrusive. Good luck!


-- Brad (, March 11, 2000.

I have read some of the Libertarian party position papers, and I don't think they are trying to overthrow the govt either. I think they are trying to shrink government. I personally think they want to shrink it too much, though.

As far as I'm concerned, Colleen, you're wrong about one thing. BOTH the Democrats AND the Republicans represent big business, or at least they represent certain big businessMEN. You certainly can't expect the Libertarians to carry out your wish of "Why can't car manufacturers and other hard goods producers be forced to lower their prices?..." That is government intervention, and the Libertarians don't want any of that.

As long as we are wanting to force the car makers to cut their costs, why not require them to make standardized parts? Imagine being able to go to the auto parts store, and order "an alternator", instead of "an alternator for a 1995 Ford Taurus, two door, XL, power steering, V-6 2600cc engine, with automatic transmission." Imagine how cheap the parts would be. Imagine being able to repair a car with 200,000 miles on it rather than having to junk it, because it's too hard to find parts for it.

I think your new party needs to REALLY address campaign contributions, rather than giving it the window dressing the Republicrats do now. All the candidates, it seems, are for sale to the highest bidder. And the deeper the politicos get entrenched, the more power they get, and the harder reform will become.

-- jumpoff joe (, March 11, 2000.

Colleen, I think you might be misinformed on your belief that the Libertarians advocate violent overthrow of the government, although a lot of .gov bureaucrats might think it equals that! :-) But you are right in saying the party doesn't quite fit what you (and I, for that matter) are looking for. I say we take over the Libertarian Party from within and mold it to our needs!! Maybe pull in Keyes and a few others who are being left behind by the Republocrat/Demolican parties.

-- JLB (, March 12, 2000.

I agree that we need to do something different. Our government doesn't represent us, and frankly doesn't care who knows it. They have basically judged us too stupid to govern, so they will do it for us. Alan Keyes is a good candidate, but he gets no coverage, so most don't even know that he is an option. The media decides who will be promoted and who will not, and what the truth of the day will be. If we question the "truth", then we are dangerous, and should be watched, or worse. There are various groups forming around the country that are determined to get things back on a course more to their liking. There are several forming in the West over the government restrictions on land use and access, as well as water rights. Militias are growing by leaps and bounds all across the country, and are uniting into a national network instead of being isolated groups. The League of the South is gathering momentum each day. The LOS stated purpose is Southern Independence, ie, secession. Many of the Mexican immigrants we have coming into Texas state that they plan to "reunite" Texas, NM, Colorado, AZ, and anything else they want with Mexico. The previous president of Mexico stated that their purpose SHOULD be to reclaim the "stolen" lands from the US. And then we bailed them out financially. Still, the politicians are fiddling while the country threatens to go up in various flames from various sources. I doubt if there is a good, peaceful solution to the problems we are having.

As for the problems with cars, etc., costing too much for the average family to be able to afford without everyone working at least one job, the only way to force them to lower prices is to stop buying. Make do with the old car, or buy a used one. When demand lowers, so will prices. Believe me, there will still be some who will go on and buy the overpriced vehicles, so there will still be used ones available, at least for a while.

-- Green (, March 12, 2000.

This is America. Start any political thing you want. But please not here. This should be for homesteading & farm related topics only. Good luck & best wishes

-- Okie-Dokie (, March 12, 2000.

Either start a new one or capture one of the two that exist now. If you get a good cadre going in each state you can disenfranchise the established status quo party buracrats. It would be difficult, but it would work. Third parties normally only cause a deterioration in one of the two existing parties. Perhaps the "Rugged Individualist Republicans" or "Independent Individualistic Democrats". Of course you could make a two party, sub party of the "Democratic Individualistic Republicans" and take over both parties. The problem most of us do not want to get dirty by going into politics, manure handling is OK, but politics is really dirty. As long as we let the others get by with what they are doing they will continue to gain power. Thank Nationally and Act Locally.

Both parties ahould only be allowed to collect funds from private individuals, with an elimination of soft money.

The income tax should be reformed but not replaced with a sales tax. Sales taxes hit those whose spening is on essentials (food, medicine, housing and basic transportation) more than any one else. Any tax system will work if applied properly, but if gutted for fat cat exemptions all will put us back where we started.

Tax any entity that is not a real person at twice the rate that real people are taxed, Corporations, limited liability enterprises and PACs currently control the government. Let them pay for their extra protection.

I will vote for Keyes in the primary on Tuesday, as he is more in line with our position than the other available candidates in my primary. I like many of the positions of the lesser party's candidates but they are not even on my ballot.

-- Michael M. McFall (, March 12, 2000.

Coleen, some candidates know how to be good presidents. Others don't know anything except how to get elected. Unfortunately, the later always get elected. Sounds weird but it's true. We need someone who is honest but just crooked enough to get elected. Eagle

-- eagle (, March 12, 2000.

I tend to agree with okie-dokie in that politicans corrupt EVERYTHING they touch and would sure hate to see this fine site ruined. Just my opinion! Matt. 24:44

-- hoot gibson (, March 12, 2000.

I can't believe no one has mentioned Ralph Nader! Colleen, please check out and see what you think. I, too am frustrated and saddened by the state of the culture/country we live in and I was very moved by what Nader has to say. I plan to "throw away" my vote on him, if only to send a message to others that we need a Green Party now more than ever.

-- christine webster (, March 13, 2000.

Okie Dokie,

I am not going to get into a big deal about it, and I will follow the will of the majority, but I think you cannot divorce political issues from country living, homesteading, or farming.

Don't you think it would be OK to have a certain amount of topics such as this one, as long as the forum doesn't get crowded out by to many off subject topics?

I, for one, think that the forum could serve as a good place to raise awareness and issues which may affect us all. What better place to share ideas than among people who have common interests, and have proven themselves to be kind, intelligent and concerned about each other?

-- jumpoff joe (, March 13, 2000.

Seems to me that many of the past issues of Countryside have had articles and comments that have a political slant. Much of the Intentional Peasant's commentary seems political to me, as well as some other things, JD comments included. No reason to get so upset over this. The items are listed by topic, and if the topic doesn't interest you, just don't stop to read it.

-- Green (, March 14, 2000.

Ditto with Green....I don't read the "goat" threads, that doesn't make them less valuable.Folks interested in homesteading have certain values in common, politics is but one topic to discuss/share ideas,etc.I believe that all who have contributed to this thread have been polite and insightful, concerned people who value home and family....not all topics on the forum need be of interest to everyone.

-- Lesley Chasko (, March 14, 2000.

Lesley, how can you not read the Goat threads? I for one like the informative opinions given about, gas priceing and political views, just two of the messages going on right now. I am not around many who are like minded, and I do so enjoy reading your opinions. I don't find anyone being unnecessarily flaming, and I like a good flame now and then....Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh (, March 15, 2000.

This is one of the great things about our country , we CAN voice are opions good and bad.Its also the great thing about this forum ,we are like minded in many ways .But if we were like minded in all ways wouldn't life be boring.I see it as an eye opener to hear all your views. Thanks for your input.

-- Patty Gamble (, March 15, 2000.

There are other third parties out there, but the media refuses to give them any press. Please check out the Constitution Party at They were formerly the US Taxpayers Party. Their goal is to return to the Constitution the way it was written and to return principle to politics. Their presidential candidate is Howard Phillips and VP is Joseph Sobran. The goal is to massively downsize the US government and return it to its Constitutional boundaries. The government controlled media can't afford to let people know about Howard Phillips - too many people would like what he has to say! Deb

-- Deb Andersland (, March 16, 2000.

Seems to me that we are missing the point of this conversation. None of us seem to be pleased with the choices we are offered in the voting booth. Solve that problem and most of the others will follow. Start a local initiative (one person can do it) to add "None of the above" as a choice in your local primaries. You will be amazed how responsive the local party machines become when they realize that they don't get to choose the candidates anymore. Remember...government is pain...less is better. John and Pat

-- John and Pat James (, March 17, 2000.

The answer is no. It is not necessary. What needs to be done is to reform the republican party by grass roots activity which leads to further and further accountability to those of us in which richard m. nixon referred to as the silent majority...don't believe in the silent majority?....then consider that at the height of the hippie era, sargeant barry sadlers ballad of the green berets was a number 1 hit on the radio...just a social footnote that i think proves nixon was right.....or the famous quote from a liberal democrat that they always like to attack the christians because the christians never fight back!!

Jefferson answered this question over 200 years ago when he said that the two party system was as old as time itself because it represented the different views that people have always had and will always have one set beliveing the government should do little and another set of folkd who think there is nothing it should not do.

I am a conservative par excellance'...believe in property rights, hate abortion as a violation of the right to life, don't have much use for unions, think all welfare should be done by volunteer charitable organizations....yatty yatty yatta yatta....

nonetheless, i too am dispairing over the present state of the so called conservative republican party...they cuddle up to big business, do nothing to help small business, and allow self serving millionaires to ride rough shod over u.s. international relations by allowing free unbridled trade with our worst enemy and soon to be foe in war, have american capitalists in bed with chineese communists....

but what we need to do is take over one of these corrupt parties from the ground up....Jefferson would be proud

-- andrew hanson (, March 28, 2000.

We can not expect the current government to make reforms in our best interest when the current way benefits them personally and financially. We need to put down this attitude " its business as usual", in our nations capitol, the peoples voice must be heard. The (C.C. P.) Citizens in Control Party is a direct democracy where everyone has a voice that is in voting age. What we propose is simple we will continue to elect official to represent us from our states, districts, and territory. They in turn will bring motions forward and the first of every month we the people of this nation will vote on those issues only. By this system we would make allowances for the average person to make a motion if they can get ten thousand voters behind their proposal.

We also believe the future is as important as the past. Our children are our future, the way we shape them today will make them whom they will be tomorrow. Our children should be able to step up when there time comes and join the rest of the world as a productive citizen, not a burden on our civilization. Which means what? We need to educate them, yes you send your children to school and they are still learning the three RRR's but they are not receiving any life skills such as handling day-to-day problems. Education is very important but common sense will carry you a long way as well. There is an old saying "knowledge without wisdom is like a bunch of books on the back of an ass."

On the other end of the septum is our seniors, they once protected our way of life, raised us from infants, took care of us when we where sick. Now is the time in there life when we as a people should reward them for making it this far. I propose that we raise the government supplement for our seniors so they may live a decent quality of life. The medical expenses will be covered by the government for all ages not just for the seniors or the poor. Would you want your on sweat grandmother living in poverty remember what goes around, comes around, besides the ones in power now don't care about you because there are rich and the government will always see to there needs to save face. WHAT ABOUT THE LITTLE MAN!!!

I can not speak for everyone I am tired for shelling out most of my monthly earnings to a doctor that spends less than two minutes with me when I am not feeling well, and usually its because you have no insurance, and doctors knows that the average person is not rich. Also they know that HMO's and private insurance will not always pay, I believe we should let a doctor practice medicine not the insurance companies. I don't want someone to die because an insurance company executive cuts corner to fatten up his annual bonus. That is why we should outlaw insurance companies and have the government provide us with medical care. Which should include medicines nothing is worst than having a person dying because they can not afford for medicines.

I do see the need to have a fully time position as a politician or representative. But I don't understand why they have to make a salary that is four to five times as much as the people that vote them into office. I believe if you want to be a politician you should make what the average American is making. By trimming the salaries down for them we could probably almost pay for a large portion of our nations medical expenses.

It is a shame that some athletes makes more in one year than teachers do in a life time of teaching. We should realize that the teacher is THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB a person could have or undertake. The education budget should reveal the defense budget, what happens when we are unable to produce scientist for research or doctors, great thinks of the centuries because we put more stock in a game which will mean nothing a day after it is over but once a child misses their education chance it is hard to go back to school but they can go back to school and get there degrees but how may of us do go back. Not many!! So we should almost require a minimum of an associate degree which will be paid for by the government much like in the same manner that k-12 grade is paid for. Also we need to teach a second language early on in school, commutation could serve to settle a few preventable arguments.

Crime is a big problem globally. I believe it can be stopped for the most part. To stop crime we should look to see what is causing the problems. Money issues - We will stamp out unemployment by giving jobs to the unemployed. EVERYONE WILL WORK UNLESS YOU ARE SUPPORTED!!! The government will no longer just hand out free money to lazy people. but will help off set the cost of living for a single parent. If you need a job the government will provide one, these jobs may not be the most fulfilling job ones ever had but it will be in a roll that best suites our nation as a whole such as clearing up our local environment. Hunger - Their is no reason in this day and time with our nation being a world power should have our own people starving in our streets. We should be able to provide enough food for our own nation. It is good in recent years our nation has feed other countries but I think we should feed our own first and what is left then feed the others. Mentally unstable - Some mentally unstable people function very well in day to day life and over come their handicap and this is good, but others are not as lucky what can we do with the mentally unstable that can not function in our civilization This is a very hard subject some say termination of the unstable would be the answer. Its an answer but I do not believe we should kill an human or animal for that matter that does not commit the same act first. So we should continue to study those individuals and maybe one day science will unlock the brain.

No person or family should be with out residents, but some can not afford a home or a place to rent. The government should be charged with supplying them with an adequate dwelling. They will pay a low rent to the government to supplement government cost.


ABORTION- No government should disallow a women's choice to obtain an abortion, if she makes payment for this service. If the government has to make payment the government should have the right to alter that female, were she can not give birth or conceive. With exception to rape if a woman have an abortion with no alterations to her.

B.) Males share responiblily of conceiving life, therefore if females ask for an abortion and the government makes payment on such services. Males face alterations themselves. By this means, the government will halt unreliable parents and unwanted children. The Government may not Alter any sex if under the age 21.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION- A company or agency should be allowed to hire or contract with whom ever they feel can do the best job.

AGRICULTURAL POLICY- Farms and Range Lands will be run by the Government. The private citizen can not finance a farm or range which will feed the nation. In past history the government had to bail out the private farms and ranges which put a burden on the tax paying citizens. Therefore the government will be charged with running the farms and range land. A person may have animals and a farm for private use only.

ANIMAL RIGHTS- Animals have the right to be protected from extent ion and evirmental dangers. The government should set aside reservations for animals in there on eco-enviremnet. Hunting game will only be allowed on a government approved hunting ground(s) or Lake. B.) Domestic Animals- domestic animals are animals domesticated by humans and most can not live in nature. Killing an animal which is known to be a house hold pet should be seen as killing a member of a family and the justice system has the right to jail or put to death the violator.

CENSORSHIP- Government should not censor the following in any way: Internet Books Radio Television Motion pictures Written Literature Spoken day-to-day language

Parents or Guardians are charged with Censoring in there on families within there own homes and personnel life's until there children reach the age of 18 years of age.

CHURCH & STATE ISSUES- State or Government can not tell people how to believe or think. Churches should not have any say with in a government. Churches or religion should be contained within there place of worship or personnel homes. People may be allowed to were personnel religious symbols and religious garbs but no outward recruiting, preaching, praying, metation and any ceremonies in public which are religious in nature.

DEATH PENALTY- A person found guilty by a jury in a court of law and sentenced to death will have 36 months before the sentence is carried out. This will allow new evidence to come forward and allow for legal motions to stop, stay or free a conveted person. Death Penalty should be given in rape and child sexual assault cases if found guilty, Regardless of mental capacity and reasons.

DEMOCRACY- We as a nation should return to the theory of one person, one vote. Our forefathers had the great mind to see the need to have our government change with the times and stay current. With current communications technology (i.e.: newspapers, Internet, TV, and radio) people are more educated about today's problems. We should continue to elect congress to office and have them bring motions to the people with technology, the people can and will decide there on fate. By use of a machine similar to an Automated Teller Machine to cast there votes on all issues at the first of each month.

DRUG POLICY- Government shall legalize all drugs to be taken at own risk. If a person becomes addicted to drugs and falls out of favor with the government or is no longer a productive citizen, the government may/will seize all properties and may sell them for the up keep of their remaining family. In the event the person has no property the government will jail such persons and make the person work out the debt to the government until their children reach the age of 18 years of age. Children are awarded to next of kin or the state until age 18.

WORLD COMMERCE- We should take steps to unify the world and promote peace. One of the first steps is an uniformed money. We should form a World bank. Countries should have the right not to join or may back out of the world commerce, but in the event of the withdrawn country falling on hard times in a war or economic or ecological suffering/problems they can expect no assistance from the rest of the world which are apart of the global commerce.

FIREARMS- Government can not and will not remove firearms from any home. I propose that a private citizen should be allowed as many weapons and ammunition as one can afford. I believe they should declare their weapons to the government as proof of ownership. In addition to enter into and complete safety training courses on gun safety. This should be done in schools as well. By doing so would hopefully limit the number of accidental shooting deaths. As long as the people have away to defend themselves the government can not completely take over. We should always promote a healthy non aggressive civil disobedient attitude towards the government and the government should never make its people slaves to it, for the people are the government. The people should always have an outlet and be allowed to change the current government under any possible means.

HEALTH CARE- The government will provide health care to all. The government will provide all necessary medical treatment on a case by case basses.

ISRAELI- PALESTINIAN RELATIONS- The government will not enter into any agreements with war mongering factions or countries. The majority in the middle-east is Arabic and Islamic and they control most of the world's oil supply. We should not let a religious believe make us choose sides because of our roots and past history. We must do what's is best for the country and our future.

LANGUAGE- The government should respect all languages and cultures but when entering into agreements of any kind the official written and spoken language of law will be English. Any other will not be accepted by law or legally binding. Places of business, public schools, government agencies will use the written and spoken forms of English. Places in Religious nature and private homes or clubs may use any and all Languages.

EXPANSION OF NATO AND THE U.N.- The U.N. should be charged with bringing peace to the world. Unifying the globe and consolidating the world's currency into one. We should push for the world government and have NATO act as the police force for the world and watch dog of the U.N.. Limit each others powers so one may not over power the other. Which should create unified forces working towards a common coal.

RACE RELATIONS- The government will continue to teach that all men are created equal and not let the pollution, riot, fight, wage war or slander others in public. While the government may educate, it can not force someone to think, feel or love differently about others.

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY- This is one of the top priporties of the government. We as a people should vest more time and money in this field to solve issues basically to advance as a race we must put credence into science and technology.

TAX REFORM- Income tax should be deceased and in its place should be a voluntary tax (i.e.: Casinos, Bingo, Lotto and any other form of gambling) School up keep tax should be 3% of your total annual earnings. Property tax will be paid upon purchase of land. Sales tax will be .5 cents on every dollar.

TRADE- Companies or agencies should be able to trade with what ever agency, company or government they wish. Foreign shipments will be searched for undeclared items and current contraband items listed by the governments customs agency.

MILITARY & WEAPONS- The government must maintain a serviceable and ready military force able to meet its enemy on ay front (i.e.: land, sea, air, and outer atmosphere) We should not over extend ourselves military wise in other countries affairs. We should spend more of our on resources securing our on homes, lands and seas. In the event of war, We shall use all means necessary to defeat our enemies foreign and domestic.

RIGHT-TO-DIE- A person of sound mind may ask a doctor for self induced medicines which are designed in nature to cause death to humans. Only to be used by critically ill patents. Doctors will determine if one is eligible for such programs. Doctors will not be required to assist for legal and self moral reasons.

GAY RIGHTS- Gays should have the same rights as straight people. which would include the right for same sex marriage, insurance programs for same sex spouses and social security and property benefits.

IMMIGRATION- Countries and Governments are founded on Immigration by others , to enter into the country you must first prove that you can provide a skill a national does not possess. If caught entering illegally you will be handed over to the country of origin or there government.

SOCIAL SECURITY- The government will provide adequate government supplements equal to the cost of living of the times. If a senior needs a residents one will be given to them by the government to fit there basic needs. Medical cost will be covered by the government for all ages. CAMPAIGN ELECTIONS- Politicians should refrain from doing long campaigns. I propose that politicians start campaigning 45 days before the election. One week prior have a debate with all candidates and have the people decide. It should not be about how has the most money, we should not have one dime from our tax dollars go to their campaign. If one all I say. I would be willing to fund a radical to hear from all sides not just the two major parties. The media should require to provide coverage for all parties not just the two largest. The minority has a voice to, with the right coverage it could become a major party and that is what the two major parties now fear.

PROSTITUTION - Prostitution will never go away as long as their is a demand for it. I propose that we legalize it and regulate it nation wide. The prostitute should file a confidential file of clients with the health department of each state as well as submit to regular blood testing. The prostitute will have to charge tax.

-- Carl Fendley (, June 27, 2001.

My goodness. All I want is the room and freedom to live my own life, how I believe God wants me to live it. Though I have always voted Republican, the Libertarian Party looks mighty good to me right now.

-- daffodyllady (, July 03, 2001.

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