(Oil Topic) OPIS alert: Leak forces pipeline to close.

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***LEAK FORCING EXPLORER TO CLOSE PIPELINE TO MIDWEST A spokesperson for the Explorer Pipeline told OPIS that they will close the 350,000 b/d pipeline to repair a leak that was discovered late yesterday. "The Houston to Tulsa portion of the line is already closed and the line will run out of product from Tulsa to Chicago by 5 p.m. CST," an Explorer spokesman said. The leak was discovered in Greenville, Texas and pipeline officials are currently assessing the damage. Explorer officials estimate that 12,000 bbl of gasoline was released as a result of the accident. Midwest spot traders tell OPIS that news of the line shutdown has yet to impact their markets buy added that any lengthy downtime could have a significant effect on the Group and Chicago spot markets. Explorer officials hope to have the line up and running by early next week. The Gulf, however, is seeing weaker gasoline numbers with shippers having nowhere to place their bbl for Midwest destinations. The last deal for prompt gasoline was heard done at 7.10cts under the April gasoline futures, with 8cts under now being offered. - Mark Mahoney - mmahoney@opisnet.com

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And now this:

2000-03-10 13:46:36 EST ***ARCO FCC PROBLEM LEADS TO 7CT SPIKE IN WEST COAST GASOLINE PRICES West Coast gasoline prices are soaring out of control amid talk that Arco does in fact have a problem at its L.A. refinery. Gasoline is up at least 7cts from yesterday in L.A. and in the Bay, with sources attributing the gains to a downed FCC at the 255,500 b/d plant. Rumors of Arco's problem began circulating yesterday when the refiner became a very active buyer of jet fuel, CARB diesel, EPA, and gasoline in L.A. Arco already has a 50,000-60,000 b/d crude unit down for planned turnaround, but the FCC downtime definitely was not planned, sources said. At presstime L.A. gasoline was ranging $1.35-$1.40 for March, with April done at $1.24. Bay gasoline was called $1.28-$1.30. Northwest gasoline prices ran up to $1.09-$1.12. Diesel fuel gained 1-3cts since yesterday, with EPA in L.A. ranging 96-97cts, and jet fuel around 98cts -$1.00. - Mary Welge mwelge@opisnet.com

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This polly is finally starting to get uncomfortable.

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take another look.

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