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Train collision at London station

About 35 people were injured when a train hit stationary carriages at Waterloo Station in London.

British Transport Police said ambulance crews were on the scene but none of those injured were believed to be seriously hurt.

Most of those hurt are believed to have suffered whiplash-type injuries.

The accident happened at 1350 GMT at Waterloo, one of London's six main rail terminals.

South West Trains said the incident involved an empty train which had travelled to Waterloo from nearby Clapham.

The train was due to link up with a train from Hampton Court to form the 1352 GMT service from Waterloo to Chessington, Surrey.

"The trains came into contact and some passengers are injured and are receiving treatment," said a spokeswoman.

'Injuries are not serious'

A British Transport Police spokesman said: "A train hit another stationary train as it arrived at the station.

"About 30 passengers were on board and there were a large number of injuries but they are not believed to be serious."

A spokesman for London Ambulance Service said there were three stretcher cases and 15 others had minor injuries.

A train guard is being treated at nearby St Thomas's Hospital for cuts and bruises.

Ten ambulances and two motor cycle paramedics went to the scene after the service was alerted at around 1345 GMT.

Waterloo Station was kept open despite the accident. The walking wounded were escorted to a travel centre within the station.

Railtrack said it had officials at the scene and had begun an investigation.

The accident comes less than six months after the Paddington rail crash, on the other side of London, which killed 31 people.

Three years ago seven people died and 139 were injured when two trains collided at Southall station in west London.

-- Jim McAteer (, March 10, 2000

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