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I am using the script for a florist shop and need to find out where the purchaser would like to have the flowers sent. I would like to add to the order form Recipient Name, Address etc. along with a text area for what they want on the enclosed card. I have altered the order form to my needs but I just get the "demoheader" and no "you have successfully ordered..." What and where in the script would I make the necessary changes for the script to email me the added information along with what it sends now. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Doug

-- Douglas B. Friesen (, March 09, 2000


A few things to take care of.

1. In the ORDER.HTML

Within the FORM section include information that you want to have like the following:

for hidden field:

for users to key-in:

You can add more as you would like to.

2. In the SMART.CGI file

Find the SUB SEND_ORDER and SUB SEND_VERIFY section, after the [print MAIL "Subject: Order Verification";] section, insert the following line at appropreate place:

print MAIL "MORE field : $FORM{'more'}\n"; print MAIL "Mailing Address field : $FORM{'mail_addr'}\n";


I have attach a copy of cookie implementation that I include in my script. Give it a try and let me know how is it.

God bless! :)

-- Patrick Chan (, March 21, 2000.

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