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Fremontodenrons (I think that's right) are still exotic newcomers in England but I believe they are common in California. I've had one growing up my wall here and it seems quite hardy despite the cold and wet. I noticed that it has produced little brown seeds this year and, as lots of people have admired the plant, I thought I would try some propagation. Does anyone know if the seeds are viable and if so waht are the best germination methods?

-- Soil Boy (, March 09, 2000


I couldn't find anything about propagating flannel bush (common name) from homegrown seed, but I did find a website that advertised seeds for sale. No instructions on the website, though, and my browser crashed before I got it bookmarked.

I'll link to this question and hopefully someone else will have an answer, but if you do have success, please let us know!

-- Beth (, March 09, 2000.

from what i could gather best results are achieved with hot water treatment in this method water is heated to 180 degrees F (you do the math) the seed is dropped in and aloud to cool and soak for 12 to 24 hours this is to be followed by two to three months stratification is recomended i hope this has been helpful as a californian it is nice to hear of people who enjoy one of our best exports

-- colleen m. wheeler (, May 28, 2002.

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