McCain "suspends", McWife wears Hillary pin again! : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

Don't ANYBODY tell me that "she just happened to be wearing it today, it doesn't MEAN anything".

He's going to try to spoil the election, mark my words.

What a mean spirited sore loser.

Of course, he's just crazy enough to complete his self-inflicted character assassination before the general election, so if I was Bush, I'd consider every knock a boost when coming from the McCrank direction

-- Charles Underwood Farley (chuck@u.farley), March 09, 2000


Made me wonder too. But I have desided to keep up with the women who wear this pin. I have seen others who I wouldn't class with Hillary who also wears this pin. Keep your eyes pilled.

-- ET (, March 09, 2000.

After the hubbub over her having been seen in it earlier, I think it's no coincidence that the first time she's seen with it again (to my knowledge) was for his Big Announcement.

-- Charles Underwood Farley (chuck@u.farley), March 10, 2000.

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