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-- Deb M. (, March 09, 2000


China Warns on U.S. Sales to Taiwan

By JOHN LEICESTER, Associated Press Writer

"BEIJING (AP) -- China called today for the immediate cancellation of U.S. plans to sell air defense equipment to Taiwan, warning that such sales inflame already tense relations."

"But at the same time, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao urged Congress to grant Beijing permanent low-tariff trade rights. President Clinton submitted legislation to Congress on Wednesday to establish permanent normal trade relations with China."

"Zhu expressed ''deep concern'' over the Pentagon's intention to sell 162 Hawk intercept guided missiles for $106 million and items needed to reconfigure Taiwan's TPS-43F air surveillance radar."

"Noting that the planned sale comes at a ''crucial moment'' in relations between China and the United States and China and Taiwan, Zhu urged Washington to ''fully recognize the seriousness of its arms sales to Taiwan and correct its error immediately and stop all weapons sales.''

"Recent Chinese threats of war against Taiwan ahead of the island's March 18 presidential election have heightened tensions. China also is angry at a U.S. congressional bill that would strengthen relations between the U.S. and Taiwan militaries."

"China and Taiwan split amid civil war in 1949, but Beijing regards the island as part of its territory. Washington recognizes China's claim to Taiwan, but also is obliged by U.S. law to help the island defend itself."

''The U.S. side keeps on violating its commitments by selling a large amount of sophisticated weapons to Taiwan persistently,'' Zhu said. ''It constitutes a severe encroachment on China's sovereignty and flagrant interference in China's internal affairs.''

"The Pentagon said the radar and missile sale will help modernize and upgrade Taiwanese air defenses but would not affect the basic military balance in the Asia-Pacific region."

"While warning against the sale, Zhu called for Beijing to be granted normal trade rights without conditions."

"The legislation Clinton submitted to Congress would scrap a contentious annual review of low-tariff trading rights for China. A U.S. promise of permanent trading privileges was part of a market- opening deal struck last year to allow Beijing to join the World Trade Organization, the Geneva-based group that makes world trade rules."

"Zhu hinted that Beijing might not implement last year's deal if the trading rights are not granted permanently."

"Normal trading rights ''should be passed completely and in a 'once and for all' manner,'' Zhu said."

''If this issue cannot be steadily resolved it will be detrimental to the interests of U.S. enterprises in China and also not conducive to the U.S. competition with the other WTO members on the Chinese market.''

"Zhu said China hopes to discuss the trading rights with U.S. Commerce Secretary William Daley and Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman when they visit."

"U.S. Embassy spokesman Bill Palmer said both trips were planned for mid- to late April."

-- Deb M. (, March 09, 2000.

Allowing China to sell its stuff here while threatening us with missiles pointed at our cities should not be open for any form of discussion. And if they withdraw the threat, they should also drop any trade barriers to their country.

-- liu (, March 09, 2000.

Threats, demands and promises coming in rapid fire. Looks like the Chinese are really putting on the full court press. I expected China to become the biggest rival of the USA for world dominance during the 21st century. But they seem to be in an hell-fired hurry to get there.

We've been assuming that we can treat China as just another Asian nation to exploit for cheap imports and as an emerging market for USA high-tech goods. Bigger than Indonesia, but lots poorer than Japan.

What we have to drive through our thick heads is:

1) China will never be compliant to outside dominance. They have a long history as a super power in Asia. Their recent history makes them *very* resentful of Western interference in any guise. They intend to resist all outside influence over China through military and economic strength. And they've been down so long they are simply *itching* to show the world their new power.

2) China will not become a democracy. It would take a revolution far more profound than Mao's revolution to accomplish that. The current leadership will use its full power to prevent democracy from taking root. They are willing allow a certain measure of freedom, in the interest of internal peace. But they view it as a freedom granted by and controlled by the government, not as a human right. They view the western conception of human rights with pure contempt.

3) China will not stop at prosperity. They intend to drive to power. The key to power at this time is neutralizing the USA.

Probably the best tactic right now is to stall them, at great length and with much elaboration. They'll understand. As long as we don't make counter threats they will feel respected and will be satisfied with that much gain.

-- Brian McLaughlin (, March 09, 2000.

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