(OT) IS IT My Imagination Or Is Our Forum Getting Busier?

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Its 11:45pm Pacifac time (2:45am Eastern) on a Wednesday night Thursday morning and this place has been smokin!

People have been putting new threads up like crazy and I've been getting numerous responses to some of my latest postings tonite.

And I'm starting to see more and more new names and monikers on peoples postings and threads.

Not to shabby for our little break away republic thats not even a week old.

Thanks "Old TB2K Forum Regular" for making it a reality for all of us!


P.S. If your just a lurker here grab a anonymous handle and jump in with us its a blast! Dont wait on the sidelines for six months like I did before I got my nerve up the first time.

-- Zdude (zdude777@hotmail.com), March 09, 2000



Great forum....what do you guys&gals think about david icke? he thinks bush is a shoo-in cause he's got the most royal/reptilian(blue) blood!

-- INever (inevercheckmy@Onebox.com), March 09, 2000.

Inever--David Iche has to be insane(but interesting)--don't you think?

-- jeileen (tjfarrar@bellsouth.net), March 09, 2000.


-- (icke@heis.one), March 09, 2000.

I'm something of an Icke fan myself. I don't buy most of his theories (especially the reptile stuff!), but he makes them so damn interesting to read, it's hard not to be sucked in. David Icke is almost to conspiracy theory what Gary North was to Y2K: outrageous claims that cannot really be backed up, but compelling none the less.

One reason I'm pro-Icke is that there are some people who claim that he's racist, and in particular anti-semitic. However, I've read enough of his stuff to know that these claims are completely absurd. So why is he being picked on? Maybe he is revealing things some people would rather he didn't...

-- Richard Dymond (omicron@zoom.co.uk), March 09, 2000.


I have not read alot of Iche, but bush's fingers do look kind of long for a human!

I like this site http://www.zetatalk.com/

Interesting especially about their take on the pole shift, weather changes, and chemtrails.

-- 3 legs (odddog_3@hotmail.com), March 09, 2000.

no its just the same old (expletive deleted)s posting under stooooopid names

-- faceache (lancaboil@crummyuk.com), March 09, 2000.


Thanks to you and the volumes of participants this forum ROCKS. Not only are many old timers reappearing but also a great influx of newbies is spicing up the mix. I predict a rapid death for Eds EZ board site and that should be looked at as a vote against censorship, loud and clear. I took a peek over there just now and 80% of the recent posts are from Old Git and most of them have zero (0) responses. It would be nice if everyone would gravitate back here but some of them will do anything to hang on to theyre perceived little positions of power. I got a kick out of the posts on a thread above about the Duke of URL. One of the weenies was moaning about Flint, Y2Kpro, and LL coming over here like their home was being invaded. Got news for you moaning losershere is there and you are not.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), March 09, 2000.

Yes if Icke says that the Talmud is racist, does that make him anti- semitic.

It seems that only PC racism is permitted, i.e. only white (males) can be racist.

-- halfabitter (arfur@oblongtable.com), March 09, 2000.

Hey Zdude,
I'm glad we are getting "critical mass" here on the "spinoff". Keep up the good work on posting.
Lets have a race to see who can catch up to Carl.(grin)

-- Possible Impact (posim@hotmail.com), March 09, 2000.

Bearing in mind the trouble a similar remark caused for John Lennon, I hardly dare say this, but I note in the most active list that we have surpassed "The Christian Church"

No disrespect.


-- Ron Davis (rdavis@ozemail.com.au), March 09, 2000.

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