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If an organization were to rely on Fix-Only-On-Failure (FOOF) then it would seem to me that the remediation method would have to be windowing, as the only feasible method where real incrementalism is possible.

-- Peter Errington (, March 08, 2000



Why would windowing be the only the method possible? You can replace a bad board, replace an entire system, do manual workarounds, or do other software fixes that convert a bad date to a correct date. It's not clear to me what you're thinking about here.

-- Jim Cooke (, March 09, 2000.

Mea culpa. I failed to make clear where I was coming from: homegrown applications systems (with mainframes always at the back of my mind).

Here the standard trio of choices consists of year-field expansion (where for one thing you have to convert the data base), windowing, and encapsulation.

-- Peter Errington (, March 09, 2000.

You are correct, Peter.

I never saw any figures on this, but I'd say the VAST majority of remediations, FOF or not, used windowing techniques.

-- RC (, March 09, 2000.

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