specifications of otis gearless machines in new york woolworth building

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I am trying to figure out the specifications of the Otis gearless hoist motors in the New York city woolworth building. I have a copy of a book page that reads that the building retains the Otis original gearless machines. The page copy shows a photo of the hoist motor If any,what machine type number is used on on the machine spec plates?

-- MATHEW H.E. BAILEY (mheb@zdnetonebox.com), March 08, 2000


Type 18A

Spec TM18100-1

-- Mike (mmill@optonline.net), March 11, 2000.

The elevator machines are still the original otis hoist motors. I can pull the spec data off the machine plates if you tell me why you are interested.

-- R Suskin (suskinr@witkoff.com), June 08, 2003.

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