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"Stephen C. Roberts, MD.", the penny stock spammer, denied that he was flogging his stock, then attempted to bury the thread by spamming in ANOTHER thread. I guess he hoped to kick up some silt and hide in the cloud of dirt.

Sorry, it won't work. All it did was inspire me to start a new thread to make sure you're revealed for who/what you are,

So. You say that you weren't flogging the stock?

Exactly what the hell does the following mean, asshole?

"You might also want to buy some stock in LAJD - which is the OTC-BB company that is becomming"

I was going to let it ride, but now I won't.

Enjoy your new relationship with the regulators, prick.

The SEC will have a real time with you.

-- Charles Underwood Farley (chuck@u.farley), March 08, 2000


Wonder what these people would think?

Raging Bull

-- innocent bystander (pennies@from.heaven), March 08, 2000.


I understand all the lagalese and ethical ramifications,that being said,I would point out that firstly all he really did was post his opinion an a stock and provided the link.It's not like he posted it 5,000 times!!!

We had the choice to visit the site or not and we have a choice not to purchase the stock or buy as much as we please.With even the slightest research you are free to decide for yourself,what is best for you.You can try and be gallante and all that but theres a sucker born every minuite and I hope their able to walk down the street and drive etc... without my supervision.

I think we all disdain the tactic and in time we all know it is counter productive.

Secondly,why raise so much hell over one little post? Reporting it to the SEC!?Lets eliminate the need for more .gov involvment,America today is far too litigous (sp?)

Thirdly,Lets assume for a moment that the fellows gesture about hosting this forum was in earnest,I would say thank you for the offer and either accept or decline.Matter settled.all without a big stink or ruckus raised.

But...... maybe this is too simplistic.

Then again I'm a Libertarian.

-- capnfun (, March 08, 2000.

If they rip you off of thousands Cap Libertarian you'd be the first one screaming "off with their heads".

Below an "uaynos" (reverse of sonyau, the Raging Bull screen name) post the same sort of shill effort. This is deceptive trade and all that is necessary is to show that someone connected to the stock is doing this deliberately. Is it? A "screen name" and its reverse painting and decorating lists for investors with bullish posts?

How many people have to loose their money in how many stocks before people get together and demand someone do something? That was asked in the 1920s and later.

Go see the movie "Boiler Room" and see the crooks in action. The only difference here is that they formed a Corporate Shell to cover themselves legally. They get a few distributorships and start to sell product. Interesting that one of them becomes an "officer", Caton. What do "soybean substitute" products have to do with legitimate medical products?

Its not that simple, Cap.

This is a well organized effort to peddle stock to the last ones standing until the music stops.

It happens in the top area of every single bull market when new investors and even old timers let "greed" get the better of them.

-- The Shadow (, March 08, 2000.

How dumb do these two think people are anyway?

-- The Shadow (, March 08, 2000.

hey go for it Charles. I say nail the summabitch :-) Some times you can let it ride, and sometimes you CaN't.

-- (, March 08, 2000.

HMM. Sonyau seems to have been a busy little stock touter before (from one of the links Farley found on raging bull)

By: SPEAKtheTRUTH Reply To: None Tuesday, 7 Mar 2000 at 12:41 PM EST

Post # of 101780


-- The Shadow (, March 08, 2000.


No, they have not taken a cent from me.

Have they you?

I probably would not cry for their heads,I would have mine examined.

Real name or screen name,same difference to me.It is only text.

If they are that organized and I am proportionatly disorganize,then the twain shall meet.

Greed is an interesting topic; it in itself has brought many a good and bad soul to ruin.If their greed leads them to ruin,so be it.

BTW,nice to make your aquaintance.

-- capnfun (, March 08, 2000.

Charles, I do believe you are overreacting. I read the original post "you might want to buy some stock" hardly "hyping" or illegal, or fraud. Promoting a bit, yes, and if you'd jumped him for that, then that would'a been understandable. But none of the serious stuff you claim. What's your real beef with this guy?

-- FactFinder (, March 08, 2000.

We'll just let him explain to the SEC why he's here "promoting" his stock, and let them explain to him whether or not it's illegal.

Gotta run, I think CNBC will be interested in this too...

-- Charles Underwood Farley (chuck@u.farley), March 08, 2000.

Chuck, didnt your mom or dad ever teach you NOT to be a TATTLETALE....or a SNITCH!

-- INever (, March 09, 2000.

* Chuck, didnt your mom or dad ever teach you NOT to be a TATTLETALE....or a SNITCH!

No, my parents told me to stand up for what's right.

-- Charles Underwood Farley (chuck@u.farley), March 09, 2000.

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