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Tuesday March 7 1:37 PM ET

Government of Syria Resigns By ALBERT AJI

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) - Syria's Cabinet resigned Tuesday and President Hafez Assad named a provincial governor as the new prime minister, a presidential spokesman said.

It was unclear whether the new government would include Foreign Minister Farouk al-Sharaa, who is in charge of Mideast peace talks.

Prime Minister Mahmoud el-Zouebi's 37-member Cabinet submitted its resignation to Assad, the ultimate authority in Syria, in the first major government shake-up since 1992.

Assad named Mohammed Mustafa Miro, governor of the northern Aleppo province, as the new prime minister, presidential spokesman Jibran Kourieh said.

``The president has asked the outgoing government to continue its work until the new government is formed,'' Kourieh said.

The naming of a new government is seen as a move by Assad to help him press ahead with promised social and economic reforms. It also reflects the leadership's desire to inject new blood in the aging Cabinet as the country struggles to modernize and to eradicate corruption.

The composition of the new government would also have a direct bearing on Syria's peace talks with Israel.

In a speech after being elected to a fifth seven-year term in a national referendum last year, Assad hinted at his dissatisfaction with the government's performance.

-- Robert Bright (, March 07, 2000



Does "Kresge" mean anything to you?


-- Someone (, March 08, 2000.


The Kresge thing used to mean a five and dime to me. Is there some other meaning you were thinking of?


As long as Assad remains in power, the rest of the government apparatus is a moot point.

-- Jim Cooke (, March 08, 2000.

You got that right Jim. Sure hope the outgoing crew have their 401Ks in a secure place.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), March 08, 2000.


Sorry, thought you might be someone I knew. "Kresge" would hold meaning to you if you were him.

Thanks though,


-- Someone (, March 08, 2000.

The ONLY Solution to a Peace Treaty is the removal of 6-8 Billion US Tax Dollars annually to the "State"of Israel,free Elections,indiscriminate Bombing by Israel of their Neighbors and the serious Human Right Violations perpetrated by our "Friends".

-- Hope (Yes@once.stop), March 08, 2000.


Your view of the political situation in the Middle East is fanciful, at best. Israel is not now, and has never been the initiator of any of the conflicts it has been forced to fight.

-- elskon (, March 08, 2000.

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