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Are you attracted to accounts of lives similar to your own, or the reverse?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (, March 07, 2000


Lawyer, "Answer yes or no - - - - do you still beat your wife ?" I like to read about lives similar to mine and people who think along the same lines I do. I like to have conversations with them (e-mail or face to face). I also like to hear about different lives, different philosophies and have conversations too. I like to see the different philosophies in peaceful debate. There are to me many things of interest in everything - to look at from my point of view think this way for a moment - as i go from one place to another - I don't want to always be going down the same street in the same direction --- I don't eterneally want to eat at the same restaurant, I don't want to only see the same faces all the time. So my answer is Yes - - - er - - -- No - - - - well - - - both. so doug is wishy washy, but honest as is possible for him to be.

-- doug (, March 08, 2000.

Sometimes I find myself devouring the stories of people whose backgrounds are similar to mine, or stories which have similar threads to the ones which run through my life's fabric. I think I do this, in a way, to search for clues to my own existence, to the "whys" of why I am the way I am, or the who I am. There are holes in my perception of myself, so when I read something with which I can identify, it draws me in and hold me close.

On the other hand. . . sometimes it's mentally refreshing to simply read something totally different, something I don't feel I need to measure myself against, and just immerse myself in other people's experiences and words.

-- jessica marchbank (, March 08, 2000.

The lives of my favorite journallers vary greatly amongst themselves and from me. I find that fascinating. What I tend to be drawn to is a similarity of ATTITUDE about life. I like a sense of humor, positive attitude, regarding difficulties as challenges, and an honesty about one's weaknessnesses.

-- Joan Lansberry (, March 10, 2000.

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