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Would the government ever in a situation like today intervean in the markets to protect us sheep? If I was long, I would consider it a God send. So that would make the government the good guys. And not an evil bunch of conspiritors. The majority of the sheep are in their loving hands. Unless your a gold bug.




I don't think the federal government has the resources, ability, or desire to buy futures in commodities market. Doing so and being caught (always the issue, I suppose) would destroy trader's faith in the markets.

What feds can do is two things:

1. Use the oil in SPR as a club, although not a very credible club due the time it would take to get the oil out and refined.

2. Use our major weapons - foreign aid, military sales, and our protection as a real club. You know, keep it up and the next time somebody want your little piece of sand....

-- Jim Cooke (, March 08, 2000.

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