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Tuesday, March 7, 2000

Salt Lake City: Computer glitch causes train to stop


A mechanical failure caused a northbound TRAX passenger train to crawl into Salt Lake City at 25 mph before stopping dead on its tracks during rush hour Monday morning, delaying commuters up to a half-hour. An unknown glitch caused the computer on the lead car of a three-car train to detect a problem, Utah Transit

Authority spokeswoman Coralie Alder said. A car will not go more than 25 mph when a possible safety threat is detected. The glitch was identified in Sandy at 7:20 a.m. and caused the car's brakes to lock up by the time it reached Gallivan Plaza Station near 200 South and Main Street in Salt lake City. That left trains stacking up behind the malfunctioning car until it could be routed onto the southbound tracks and to the Delta Center where it was examined and then hauled to UTA's maintenance facility in Sandy. Southbound commuters exper- ienced about a 15-minute delay.

-- Carl Jenkins (, March 07, 2000

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