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00AT1a^2. Titular Verbosity - it is too easily assumed that it was an economy of words which marked T.Rex as different from Tyrannosaurus Rex. But short titles literary concise were there from the start ('Star Child', 'The Wizard', 'Deborah' 'Unicorn'...), and such lyrical conciseness of 1968 - can be contrasted with the word salad of the 1970s ('Zinc Alloy...Painless Persuasion v. The Meathawk Immaculate', 'The Leopards featuring Gardenia And the Mighty Slug'... 3. The Reissues of 1972 - it seems that a lot of T Rex's young audience could not or did not wish to discern any distinction between the early and later work. For the re-release of 'Debora (did far better than first time round) and the repackaging of the first 4 LPs as 2 doubles sold not insignificantly to his new screaming audience. 4. Hippie-ish recordings - As late as 'Electric Warrior' Bolan and moreover Visconti were still utilising techniques most usually associated with psych-pop - phasing, reverb, backwards guitar, Mellotron, overloaded pre-amps, tape loops ... - achieve their vision albeit refined and overdubbed into a veneer rather than one of the 2 smooth tracks on the flip of 'Hot Love' (itself a little more than a sophisticated re-run of 'Hot rod Mama') a rolling aural melee. Or perhaps even these 1974 lyrics which bear a faint hippie palimpsest- "Bent spent, psychedelic mailman's head, Gorging up my spokes like the ghostly dead. Ally pally angel chewing up my blues" (from 'Venus Loon') Another more readily "psych" influence is discernable in the 'King Of The Mountain Cometh' a self-referential (and self-reverential!) nod to 'The King of the Rumbling Spires'. Described as "an obvious sop to the old loyalists", it is more to the point proof that although Bolan was unlearning but he wasn't doing it overnight.^2003-01-26^Response to marc the hippy^secret world of the sydenham lowriders^^-- (dóø®åg@~¬|_.*.+)^00AT1W 00AT1X^THE HIPPIE HANGOVER: Traces of Hippie in Bolan's later work - 1. "The Children of Rarn" was to have been Bolan's hippie concept opus magnus: "our Tommy, our Sgt. Pepper, our big rock opera", said Tony Visconti. An absurd, conceited tale, part Tolkienesque pastiche, part science fantasy epic. Set in prehistory, it concerns the struggle of two tribes, the Dworns and the Peacelings; symphonic in scale and fragmentarily debuted on the LP 'T Rex' - it is also interesting to note that 'The Children of Rarn' was one of the provisional titles of the 'T Rex' album giving the lie to the belief that by this date everything was simplified. It developed out of Bolan's 1968 scribblings, 15 minutes were recorded in 1971. But Bolan was cute enough to realise that his pubescent female audience wanted formulaic boogie pop 45s not double albums of mystical clap trap. And yet as late as May '74 he was still toying with the idea although by this stage it had changed beyond recognition.^2003-01-26^Response to marc the hippy^secret world of the sydenham lowriders^^dg@- |._~ó~^00AT1W 00AT1W^THE BREAK WITH HIPPIE: "Once he was fair and had stars up his nose. Now he just wiggles his bottom"

The change from Hippie to teenybopper was a gradual one for Bolan. The first T Rex album (1970) is a transitional work a mix of the new style and Tyrannosaurus Rex type material. If there is one definitive moment which signifies the break with the underground it is T Rex's appearance at the Weeley Festival of Progressive Music 29th August 1971. Booed and insulted by the rowdy audience Bolan reacted angrily. To the outside world the gentle band playing to a subdued appreciative gathering on hippies was gone. Bolan himself publically retained for a time some of his old ideals. For a while at least. But in private his vegetarianism gradually ebbed away. By mid-1973 he had exchanged macrobiotics and fruit juices for greasy chicken, junk food and booze.^2003-01-26^marc the hippy^secret world of the sydenham lowriders^^dg@~|_.*.+^no referal 00AT1R^(...) As it is, though, Took is more into acoustic things at present. He's playing about four or five gigs a week and trying to get by without a management contract or a record company, in spite of several offers. So what's he writing about now? "Sex, drugs and violence, I suppose. No, I don't know. Things that people get into around this part of the world, things that happen to kids on the streets. "Basically, all I want do is sit under an orange tree, play my guitar in the sun, get stoned and dig the smells and colours. Unfortunately there aren't many orange groves around here and you can't go picking oranges off lamp-posts. "I don't particularly envy Bolan. It's all down to what you think is success. He's a very ambitious person, and perhaps the only thing that's changed is his values. Possessions can get hold of you once you're earning a certain amount of money. I hope he's happy with what he's got. Personally I just think he could do a lot more. "I mean, he's got the media now. He's on television every other day.

-- (#@#$*./#$), November 16, 2003.

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