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Can anyone help? I've been setting up S-Mart and I can get all the way through to the order form but then when I hit "buy it", it seems to send out the 'change' or 'review' command and not the 'buy2' that I want. I have checked the form settings and they appear to be correct and indeed if I just view the order form in my browser directly it works. Any thoughts?

Also, I have noticed that the creidts for Barry at the bottom don't always centralize nicely. Is it possible to make these central. The same goes for the " you have successfully ordered: " message.

-- Rufus Biggs (, March 07, 2000


This one was solved thanks to Ed who mailed me with the following.. I thought other people may be interested in this if they come across the same problem. " I notice you have 2 forms open but only 1 closed. below is a copy of your html. (THIS ONE IS OPEN BUT NOT CLOSED BEFORE THE NEXT ONE IS OPENED)
Item NamePriceQuantity
Alesis Masterlink$ 1299$ 1299.00
Subtotal:$ 1299.00
Total price:$ 1299.00

In the end I went and did a search for the <\form> command in smart.cgi and moved it up to a nearer the quantity and shipping and total info. The two forms ( change and buy2 ) had been getting mixed up. This fixed the problem and worked fine. Thanks Ed.

-- Rufus Biggs (, March 14, 2000.

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