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If I were doing research I would welcome the catagories. But I am not doing research. I am but conversing on multiple subjects with my friends. And how often does the conversation start out at the top with one thing to end up at the bottom discussing something else? I DO NOT WANT this forum to be the equivalent of another search engine. In other words, I don't like it and will now miss 90% of the threads as I don't want to go and search everything. I really believe this is a prime example of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Its not like we are all screaming for change....on the contrary... all we ever wanted was to keep what we had!! Unfortunately, some changes had to be made due to the slamming of the forum. But can't we please keep it as close to what it was as is possible? I feel like I am having to take a class that I really didn't want to take, in order to get where I want to go. And now, I no longer want to go there. Taz...who is really disappointed that her forum is being shattered.


Taz has described my view on this very nicely. Thanks

Will Continue.


I have to agree with Ynotts idea of putting all recent posts in one area, and after about a week of inactivity, moving it to the proper area.

Otherwise, I'd have to search every area every day to see if anything of interest came up, and I surely don't have the time to do that.

Bill Clo


I dunno, Ed. It sounds reasonable, but I've noticed that with every change made, we've lost folks. Seems like we're splitting the forum again. Maybe we should stop "fixing" stuff for a while.



No, I don't like the categories at all for new stuff. I like the suggestion of putting old messages into categories, but not new ones. I don't want to have to go to two forums to find new messages. I also hate it that the main page won't hold more than 25 messages, isn't there a way to make that longer? This board is getting more and more complicated, and it really isn't EZ

Susan Heller


-- 007 (spy@t.large), March 07, 2000


(3/6/00 1:07:35 pm) Reply

Re: Categories

If I'm correct in my assumption that EZBoard is based on The Ultimate BBS software, you SHOULD be able to place a button on the main page to show a list of ALL of "todays" traffic from ALL fora into a single dynamically generated page.

Ynott Global user (3/6/00 1:14:39 pm) Reply

Re: Categories

That would be PERFECT Charlie! Can we do that? Charles Underwood Farley Global user (3/6/00 1:24:56 pm) Reply

Re: Categories

No, only a sysop can.

Second suggestion: There's an old Usenet axiom to the effect that once a thread reaches a certain number of posts, it's strayed irretrievably from its original subject.

So, after a "decent period of time", close a thread, and move it to the relevant category.

Second option: since threads are auto-sorted by activity, make a daily pass and move the threads last-first. In other words, take the last thread, move it to the relevant category, then repeat several times until you've moved all the effectively inactive threads.

Susan Heller Global user (3/6/00 2:50:14 pm) Reply

-- More Hilarity (, March 07, 2000.

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This sounds like a great feature, but I've looked all through the capabilities and features accessible to sysops, and don't see anything that would accomplish it. I'll wander over to the ezboard "help" forum and see if any of the other forum administrators have done such a thing.

Thanks for the suggestion!


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Hi Hawk,

It's just a question of organization. Posting directly to the categories means that a user has to look in 41 different places, if they want to catch everything. I like the idea of categories for an archive, but not as part of the "Active" forum.

My thought is to leave everything in the "General" category for a few days, then move the inactive threads to the archive. This would give us a "current" page for "everything" like the old forum. I do understand that this requires manual labor for the sysops though. Oh well...



Hmmm, interesting, thanks for the link.

So, are all of those threads also on this main board that I am on, where the subjects are mixed?

I think it is a good idea to pos to categories in case anyone wants to look for specific subjects, but they should also be all included here so that we don't have to check ten different boards to see what is happening.



That's the problem Hawk, they are MOVED to the categories, not COPIED.

Here's an example. The plan crash thread started here, is now in "Breaking news", and I guess it will get moved again to "Plane crashes" later??? This makes it hard to follow a thread. Also, since the URL has the category as part of the address, I don't think favorites or other "old links" will work after moved...


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I agree. I just saw a funny bumper sticker post by Desert Dog in the humor forum that never came through this forum.

I would like to see the old structure, like you, where all posts & responses come through here and archive to the catagories forums after they have been inactive for a week or so.




Lacking time to look in all the categories for new threads, I'm just reading the main board. If it has to be one way or the other, I would vote for all the threads in a single forum. But, I think we've already been outvoted


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-- 007 (spy@t.large), March 07, 2000.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Leave the new TB2000 alone. It's great just like it is. Don't you agree - Charlie Farley?

-- Saint (Peter@the.Gate), March 07, 2000.

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