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Hello Fellow Residents of Massachusetts!

I've been looking for homesteading property for a while in Mass. and have found it a challenge. I'm a recent transplant from Washington, D.C. I was wondering if there are some homesteaders in this area of the state that could share their experiences of acquiring land. It would be encouraging to hear some success stories and find out if homesteading is popular in my new state. Seems many of the mags and books make little reference to Massachusetts...

Thanks! Andy

-- Edward Rivera (, March 07, 2000


Do you want to stay in Mass ?There is very resonable land prices in N.Y.S. Whan we were looking to move from Conn. ,Mass. wasn't even an option maybe we missed something.We looked at Maine,NH,and Vt. also.Our decision was made to move to NYS because of land prices ,jobs,and climate .Good luck where ever the road leads you.

-- Patty Gamble (, March 07, 2000.

I live in central MA, and I don't want to break your heart, but land around here is so obnoxiously priced you're gonna be hard pressed to find something decent. I have yet to meet any homesteaders in this state, although I know a few wanna-be's....all are looking to relocate elsewhere. If you have your heart set on MA, the western part of the state is a bit cheaper, and has lots of little farms, if not actual homesteaders. There is some cheap property in areas like Ashburnham, Petersham, Orange, and so on, a little west of the area you are looking in, but they are rather set back little towns and most of the land is rocky and clay. Good luck to you...and let me know if you find something good!!!

-- Sue Landress (, March 07, 2000.

We have been homesteading/farming in the moutains of Western Mass.for 20 years.We have had no problems.Although considered a crowded state,it's because 80% of the population lives in the eastern part.The western half is still fairly wild with many forest and resevoir reserves that cover anywhere from 500 ac. to 39 sq.mi.In the years we have lived here,we have never seen a stranger on our land.Wild game is abundant,including wild turkeys,coyotes and black bear.White tailed deer are pest.

-- farmerjoe (, May 17, 2000.

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