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Would it be possible to model a Ks-3 using the Spectrum 2-8-0? I read in a posting below that you think that the Spectrum model looks most like a Ks-1, but it's boiler is closer to a Ks-3. Also, I cannot find photos of the fireman's side of the locomotives. Can anyone provide photos or information? Were the compressors on the pilot as it appears in the photos I have?

-- Joe Daniels (, March 06, 2000


It may or may not be possible depending on whether or not you want a truely accurate model or just a sort of close model. It would take aobut as much work as converting the Bachman to a CV loco as was done in Model Railroader in the fall of 1999. The KS3s were built by ALCO (Richmond) in 1926 not by Baldwin. There is a good picture of 2509's left side in the Interstate Railroad book published by Old Line Graphics (2500, 2503, 2505, 2509 were sold to Interstate 7/52). The airpums were on the fireman's side of the pilot and a Worthington pump was on the engineer's side. This would be a big kitbash job-- have fun--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (, March 11, 2000.

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