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I'm having two problems 1. The gif that I used in my header will not come up. I've got the full URL for the gif and I have checked my head and body tags and the look correct. 2. The orders will not email. Buy2 is called but a blank screen with my missing header gif is all I get. I've tried mailto and mailmerge.

-- Bob Bates (, March 05, 2000


Which platform are you using for your S-Mart program? And what mail server/program have you installed in your system?

-- Patrick Chan (, March 06, 2000.

It's on a Unix box and I have tried the mailto and mailmerge mail programs

-- Bob Bates (, March 06, 2000.

10 to 1 your gif is not coming up cause s-mart is looking for it in the cgi-bin or in the same folder as the script. Just give the header full url's for images or figure out where it is trying to find the picture and add the appropriate ../pat

-- John Webber (, March 26, 2000.

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