C'mon, let's get back to the news and the issues....

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-- cin (cinlooo@aol.com), March 05, 2000


We're trying, C. Help us! Head out on the web and look for the breaking plane story or something of value. Go, girl!

-- (bigmouth@youknow.where), March 05, 2000.

Hey Cin !

Who do you like or dislike in prez race/farce ?

How much $$$ gal gas for your area ?

Me,I'm a libertarian goin' for Harry Browne.

Gas is at $1.49,but I haven't had to buy any as stocked up before rollover,if nothing else I have saved myself a few deneros.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), March 05, 2000.

Oooops,I'm in TN.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), March 05, 2000.

I concur, Cin. I'll surf for some oil/stock market links. If I find anything pertinent, I'll post them in the morning.

-- Tim (pixmo@pixelquest.com), March 05, 2000.

I'm quite sure that I'll take a stoning for this but....I hate politics and I never vote. Yeah I know (ducking). If I absolutely HAD to choose, I would go with someone pro-life, anti/abortion. My opinion of cadidates is rather low. It's like picking the less of many evils.

-- cin (cinlooo@aol.com), March 05, 2000.

I'm with you Cin, I want the news about flukes and failures in our man made world, and I also want to see the reports of flood, famime, hurricanes, volcanos, water shortage, and so on. Not because I relish, but because, I wonder, and stand in awe, at the four corners, being shaken. And Thank Heaven, for information. Geez, guess this might be deleted.

-- You (gott@wonder.com), March 05, 2000.

Cin, it's okay to hate politics, but it's important to keep an eye on what's happening, if only to keep yourself sharp in looking for patterns and trends. If you're a 20-something, you'll probably find politics more interesting when you're about 35 or so. (Ducking to avoid being slapped.)

-- (kb8um8@yahoo.com), March 05, 2000.


You won't get a stoning from me,although I believe if you don't vote you have no biz complaining.The important thing is making your voice heard by voting your conscience,wheather they tell you it's a wasted vote or not.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), March 05, 2000.

Capnfun, did you see my post below "Censorship in Cyberspace?" I'm a libertarian too.

-- archiver (Archiverrrr@archiverrr.xcom), March 05, 2000.


I read and agree with the article very much,but what is that bullshit after the article?

BTW,great to run into a libertarian,howdy !!!

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), March 05, 2000.


I have NEVER voted. Come close a few times. Would have jumped in if there was a prayer of Klinton not getting re-elected last go round. Too many welfare-crats to bother voting on that one. Others, were a shoe in and my vote not needed. Political discussions are akin to Jerry Springer or Art Bell.

Like you, I'm usually afraid of a stoning over that one, but you know what? NOBODY has the answers to what will make a difference. Have to make a difference where opportunity arises. Bloom where you are planted kinda thing.

Low profile and civil disobedience are my answer to what I see coming down the pike. I see a slow erosion in quality of life from many factors.

-- (doomerstomper@usa.net), March 05, 2000.

You guys still don't get it do you? The reason we moved to the new forum is the exact same problem that you still have, and will never get rid of... retards like Y2KPro, Ra, and LL, going off with their psychotic, inflammatory attacks every time you try to have a discussion.

Freedom of speech is a good thing, but not when it is used as jsutification for antisocial behavior. That's what prisons are for, and where people like LL are going to end up if they don't learn to use a little more self-control.

Unless you can get these lunatics to understand that their behavior is inappropriate, you're never going to have any civilized discussions about news and current events.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), March 05, 2000.


Gee I hope I'M not up for stompin" : )

I too am for layin low and quiet disobedience,thats why I am a Libertarian,not to push my leanings but to try and voice something I believe in, ie.. change.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), March 05, 2000.


Welcome, Britain at one time thought our behaviour was innapropriate.

Do you ?

What exactly was your point ?

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), March 05, 2000.

My point was that cinlooo and the like who have been bad mouthing our choice of policy at the new forum are now begging for some semblance of sanity in this "uncensored" nuthouse, but what they don't seem to understand is that it ain't gonna happen.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), March 05, 2000.


I really haven't heard any one begging for anything, just their preferance.

I personally have no problem with that,it seems to me that you are the only one who does and thats allright too,but please don't mis- characterize the statements.

I guess you like your brand of insanity and we like ours.

No problem.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), March 05, 2000.

CF - Looks like ppl are getting the wrong idea about my name. I am an X doomer. Y2k was the straw that broke the camels back on following the conspiracy bandwagon. I'm more of an extremist stomper. Don't wanna see ppl get hurt by 'experts' and BS peddlers ever AGAIN.

Over at GN's board after the roll over, some guy posted that this would be his last post, because he was going to get a gun and blow his head off over all the crap he bought, that he couldn't afford, because he was coerced by the FUD.

I have know way of knowing if this guy was for real, but it sent chills down my spine. I'm sure there have been quite a FEW ppl that have ended up that way because of Y2k. The FUD peddlers need more than a stomping!

-- (doomerstomper@usa.net), March 05, 2000.


I myself believe in self responsibility,I too spent alot of $$$ on preps but who the hell am I going to get pissed at but myself.I never followed GN or primarily EY,my 1st source was the .gov whom appeared to be sidestepping alot of questions with rhetoric.

Just MHO.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), March 06, 2000.


"I really haven't heard any one begging for anything, just their preferance."

Lol...what do you call this?...

"C'mon, let's get back to the news and the issues....


-- cin (cinlooo@aol.com), March 05, 2000"

Not to mention about 30 other posts with similar "preferances."

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), March 06, 2000.

CF -- that's where the BS builds though. Any quasi doomer can build ANY scenario to fit their mold, with the "gov't" always lies -- look at Monica L., etc.

Maybe they DIDN'T know. I just don't buy this everybody is lying -- all are corrupt. If that is the criteria for truth-- and we believe 180 degrees from what is said, because of the PERSON saying it, then we are doomed to repeat another wild goose chase aren't we?

I think we need to look more at the 'agendas' of the ppl spewing the 'spiracy BS. Some like to hear themselves talk. Some have something to sell. Some need to feel a part of "something". Some are lazy and will take anyones word for what the truth is. Some are EVIL and you'll have to be on guard for the wolves in sheeps clothing.

garysouth.com used to have an article on "how to become a cult leader", or something like that. That site is no longer there. Man I wish I saved that page. Hit the nail on the head.

-- (doomerstomper@usa.com), March 06, 2000.

Gee Hawk, I thought you were ignoring me AND my posts!

(major eye roll)

-- cin (cinlooo@aol.com), March 06, 2000.

So what,Cin wants to get back to the news,I agree.

But under this weekends circumstances that kind of remark is well founded,what she is saying (if I may)is for us to quit being preoccupied with the banning/censorship inter-board squabbles,and get back to being what we are all here for, (info/debate/commraderie)

Seems quite legit to moi.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), March 06, 2000.


Overall and in general I think that is on the money,but even being a quasi doomer kinda guy myself I find it hard to lay the extent or lack of my preps (blame) on anyone.

I think for myself.Sometimes I'm right,sometimes I'm wrong,but they are MY decisions.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), March 06, 2000.

Doomerstomper...Is this the page?

How to become a cult guru

-- cin (cinlooo@aol.com), March 06, 2000.

CF -- that's where this forum will be a godsend. Checks and balances when ALL voices can be heard. Ppl will be able to make informed decisions. A voice of reason in the debate will get many to go 'hmmm' . Without that voice? I shudder at the damage that censored material can do.

I also made preps and have no regrets. But many reacted to FUD and for that we know who the guilty are. If your an old time doomer, you bought what you were meaning to get anyway, right? For the neauvo doomers, they were scared shitless.

ain't never gonna happen on my watch again :-)

-- (doomerstomper@usa.net), March 06, 2000.

naw cin -- that's not it. Good one though. The one at Garysouth was short and sweet. I'll read the URL you gave tommorow.


-- (doomerstomper@usa.net), March 06, 2000.

I can dig that DS

But how many events come along like Y2k ?Sure weve got bubble.com and oil but how much control do we have over that?

You can be sure it has always been my philosophy to look out for those that might not be able to do so themselves but I am not looking to be the worlds guardian,tho I should try ;)

And besides ,theres a sucker born every minuite and today theres so much lackadaisaclness (sp?) who could ever keep track?

Good thing to mull over.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), March 06, 2000.

doomstomper, I too feel like the conspiracy crowd has an agenda that may not stand the light of day. Seems they hate the government just a little too much.

But what is FUD???

I like to read and hear about politics, but it's beginning to be like Christmas, as soon as Valentine's Day is over they begin hawking Christmas. Now when the elections are over they begin again two years before the election with their hot air.

Personally I like conversations about almost anything except personal body functions. Mud wrestling is an ok topic though. PLEEEAAASSSEEE don't talk about rice and beans. Sick to death of that crap. Gave the dried away have lots of canned left.

-- gilda (jess@listbot.com), March 06, 2000.


FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

-- Buddy (buddydc@go.com), March 06, 2000.

I dont know about the rest of you but I am pleased as punch that the esteemed sociological analyst Hawk has blessed us with his in-depth critique of our hidden motivations. For myself, to be mentioned in the same breath as forum legends such as Y2K Pro and Lady Logic is a high honor indeed. It is with great sorrow that I predict a rapid plunge in Hawks status among his new keepers at Stalag EYEZ. His blatant distortion of the obvious will wear thin with the truth seekers. Personally I hope he will continue to visit here and share his rather unconventional wisdom on a wide variety of subjects. A steady diet of common sense and verifiable facts can be so boring.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), March 06, 2000.


-- RGHTN! (master@baix.t), March 07, 2000.

I like to read and hear about politics, but it's beginning to be like Christmas, as soon as Valentine's Day is over they begin hawking Christmas. Now when the elections are over they begin again two years before the election with their hot air.

YEAH! Makes you continually feel like a marketing guinea pig :-)

Ra@ you da man!

-- (doomerstomper@usa.net), March 07, 2000.

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