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What is the difference between the Soligor Spot Sensor and what I assume is it's successor, the Spot Sensor II. They are both digital, I think.

-- Richard C. Trochlil (, March 05, 2000


I once used at Soligor Spot Sensor meter in the late 80's and it was an anlog meter. It is my understanding the Spot Sendor II was a digital meter.

-- Ron Lawrence (, March 05, 2000.

It may be that there is a digital version of the SoligorII, but I purchased a Soligor Spot SensorII in about 1984,it is analog, so there are probably some still around,mine still works very well. Larry

-- larry shearer (, March 06, 2000.

I had a analog Soligor SpotsensorII up until it got stolen from me a few months ago in Sumatra. The II version is sold in both analog and digital versions via a few of the big mailorder companies. I think the Soligor is a bit heavier and bulkier than most other modern spot meters and the analog is definitely a few hundred grams more than the digital. I as well have a sneaking suspicion that the first version is heavier but I can't say for certain. The man I bought mine from told me he had used an earlier metal version Soligor(possibly the Spot Sensor?) during the war in Vietnam, the current version is plastic. My Soligor endured a heck of a pounding in my bike bags during thousands of kms of cycling and managed to hold up flawlessly day after day. I was very impressed! However I think mine tended to read consistently on the high side from the time I got it, and I have heard of other soligors having this tendency as well.

-- benjamin broad (, March 06, 2000.

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