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Wrong on the CAVSCOUT. Care to try again you ugly stupid poor excuse for a human being?

-- Manny (, March 05, 2000



never mind...

-- Uncle Bob (, March 05, 2000.

What a pathetic excuse for a forum. Discussions about what!!.Just the SAME bunch of nohope dropkicks from the horrible little shits at debunkers.
Still full of their own importance. The ME, ME, board. Abuse and threats of legal (don't make me laugh) action. Such a childish bunch of wimps.

-- Not relevant HERE (, March 05, 2000.


While everyone on this forum began with a clean slate, I wouldn't necessarily presume that these slates are Teflon™ coated.

-- David L (, March 05, 2000.

Laura, you can't believe anything that you say. Your compulsive in your behavior. You said that you would ever post at TB2000 again, but what did you do, you spammed countless times. I agree with many people, you have no credibility.

If you think for a moment I am going to respect the rules at TimeBomb 2000, you're out of your mind...

Posted by ( Ladylogic on January 24, 2000 at 21:11:38:

In Reply to: Re: If I were you..... posted by Netghost on January 24, 2000 at 19:11:12:

Take this back to your censoring sysops, Diane and Old Git.


I would rather spit in that forum than conform to their rules, and their values.

I don't care if I never post there again, Lisa. I haven't for over a week, and I don't intend to in the future. I promised Patricia I wouldn't, and I meant it. I would rather spend my time writing a book exposing people like you and Yourdon, and honoring people like Charles, Doc, Patricia, Mr Polly, LMAO, Hoffmeister, Zif, Jarod,... and the rest of the list is too long to mention...

Lisa, do you "get it" yet?

And, for the record, for the LAST time, I e-mailed two men twice, after they e-mailed me first. That does not constitute stalking, and I dare you or anyone else to say that with your real name to back it up. I'm sure the men would come to my defense in this case...they both may have a bit of an ego problem, but they also know truth from fiction.

Do you "get it" now? There's nothing you can do to affect me. So, please go take care of your boy now. Women with children shouldn't spend so much time on the internet.

By the way, this is the last time I'll address you. (Unless you're crazier than I think?)

Follow Ups:

FWIW....huggggggggggggggggggggggggggg...n/t Mr Polly 21:15:32 01/24/00 (0)

-- FWIW (, March 05, 2000.

Nobody is getting past this gate. Your tokens are no good. They are warped and twisted and the gatekeeper won't accept them.

-- Saint (Peter@the.Gate), March 05, 2000.


-- RIGT ON!@ (master@bait.x), March 06, 2000.

isn't lady logic an oxymoron

-- sir richard (, March 07, 2000.

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