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Here's an article link on how China and Russia are scratching each others backsides vis-a-vis their "troubling provinces". I realize most people don't give beans about Chechnya, that's probably cause there are no compelling reasons for U.S. involvement there. However, the U.S. does have a long-standing relationship with Taiwan that predates Clinton and his long history of treasonous actions.

As I see it, the conflict between China and Taiwan will only worsen in the future. Likely outcome? I dunno, but I've got a feeling the answer won't be pleasant.

-- Craig (, March 05, 2000


China is just too big. She could overrun Taiwan in a couple of days. We have nothing short of nuclear to try to stop her. After Taiwan, she'll start looking at south Korea and Japan. We have to stop giving away our technology. We should have stopped years ago. We need broad vision at the Pentagon and White House.

-- John (, March 05, 2000.

Taiwan is major semiconductor/chip supplier to US. Think how salivating the mainland chinese are about that. Wipe out our computer manufacturing base AND acquire that same base.

Don't delude yourself. There is already a massive RED fifth column inside Taiwan. I hope we're preparing for a strategic retreat. This is going to be awful...but we never should taken our manufacturing offshore in the first place, now's the payback time for all that greed...

-- INever (, March 05, 2000.

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