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How does her ugly powdered white ass taste when your kissing it. just wait untill the bitch goes off her rocker again. Then we will see how many like the taste of powdered ugly ass.

-- Manny (, March 05, 2000


Just remember people, when she was over at Debunker's and rubbing shoulders with those who were enjoying LL's spamming of TB2000, remember that a leopard cannot change its spots. Take a cruise over and see what Mr. Polly and all the others who are posting here were calling YOU - Y2K WACKOS among other things!!

Hi everyone! Please allow me to introduce myself... 19.39.152) Laura on December 13, 1999 at 18:43:00:

Good Evening Associates,

I am Ladylogic; seeker of truth, justice, and the best chocolate for the least amount of money I can find. Some of you may have read my pedigree at TimeBomb in my thread, "This is why I think Y2K will not be the end of the world." but, if it is necessary, I will re-post it here.

I have been stuck in HELL over at TimeBomb for the last six weeks and I just "got it" about five days ago. I think I may have something to contribute to this noble forum because I associate with a member of Compuware, (the company assigned to perform Y2K remediations for the City of Phoenix, and a Y2K representative in Canada) and failing any information that is pertinent to you, I have a deep admiration for cpr (I just figured out who you are!) Cherri, Y2KPro, Andy Ray, UouKnowWho, and all the others who have come before me. (I just saluted you.)What can I do to help? What can I do to contribute? Can I just hang around an associate with you on a regular basis?

Follow Ups:

On sale: Albertson's pint of Godiva Choc. Rasberry Truffle: $2,00. INSTANT SIN. N/T cpr 10:55:20 12/14/99 (0) Welcome... and try some Nutella! Morgan 09:42:07 12/14/99 (0) For great cheap choclate try Trader Joe's (nm) longtimelurkr 22:39:24 12/13/99 (0) Re: Hi everyone! Please allow me to introduce myself... b 22:15:00 12/13/99 (0) Re: Hi everyone! Please allow me to introduce myself... Just a little birdy 19:32:54 12/13/99 (3) Time-out there a second... Patricia 20:02:02 12/13/99 (2) Re: Time-out there a second... Birdy 20:12:21 12/13/99 (1) Not upset at all. Patricia 20:30:25 12/13/99 (0) Now you're talkin', LL Bad Company 18:50:02 12/13/99 (11) Re: Now you're talkin', LL Laura 19:11:12 12/13/99 (0) Re: Now you're talkin', LL Laura 19:10:43 12/13/99 (9) PLEASE Paul Davis 04:22:15 12/14/99 (0) You did good. It was one of the great shocks to their system that someone could come back at them time after time. cpr 19:15:04 12/13/99 (5) It has been more painful than you can imagine, cpr.. Lady 19:32:30 12/13/99 (4) 'Deluded as I was' Dirt Road 06:30:20 12/14/99 (0) allow me Bad Company 19:54:09 12/13/99 (2) How long until this thread is cross-posted at the pit. Steve 20:45:53 12/13/99 (1) Geez, I hope so Bad Company 16:04:09 12/14/99 (0) Opps, Sorry, I am new to this forum, and somewhat to the 'net. (No Text) Laura 19:13:49 12/13/99 (1) No need to apologize Doc Paulie 22:03:56 12/13/99 (0)

-- EyeSpy (EyeSpy@EyeSpyy.xcom), March 05, 2000.

Thank you, Manny. And now, here is your trivia question:

What is the equivalent of the Aurora Borealis for the Southern Hemisphere?

-- kritter (, March 05, 2000.

And while you're at it, Manny, How does a water tower work?

-- (, March 05, 2000.

Wow, Ladylogic...

You must have made quite the impression. These people are OBSESSED with you.

-- cin (, March 05, 2000.


Obsession is a mental illness, and he's been sick for the last year. Some of us work out of it, and some of us don't.

Wow. I just thought of something. Your middle name isn't Louise also, is it?

(Naw, no way. The coincidence would be too great.)

Have a nice night, lady.

-- laura (ladylogic@......), March 05, 2000.

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