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I've noticed that Carter seems to seek refuge and peace on the roof of the hospital. He goes there a lot, more than any other characters. I had the thought that this roof theme of Carter's could get interesting. He may go up there on day to be alone and then have something happen. He has been up there with many different characters....he had the disscussion with Susan about no one calling him John.....he had some interactions with Lucy as well. I am wondering if anyone else thinks that his roof theme will come into play. I don't know how though. Sudden flashback of Lucy, thought of jumping....there are so many things that could be done with it. Plus, it may be a way to show how much the others actually care about him...maybe them worry when he is up there alone.....any thoughts?

-- kerry (, March 05, 2000


One of the most remarkable rooftop scenes with John Carter was the time his patient, the transvestite went to the roof and ended up jumping off right in front of him. I think it was first season. I can remember a couple of scenes up there with Lucy( the Good Fight and the time she lied to him about being able to start IVs) Did he ever have it out with Benton on the roof?...............Joan

-- joan (, March 05, 2000.

I think there was one scene with Carter and Benton on the roof, third season if memory serves. I think it was after Benton stood Carter up for a conference they were supposed to speak at and Carter was soo mad at him! I'm not posotive though. And, about what you said about him jumping off, I certainly hope not!!


-- Amelia (, March 05, 2000.

What do you mean one of Carter's patients jumped off the roof, I don't remember that, can anyone say more about that?

Also, that scene with Carter and Benton was when Carter decided to switch from Benton's surgery team to someone else's. Benton is having personal problems and acts like he doesn't care, but Carter's last comment to him about a surgery he did that day was something like "Everything I did in there you taught me."

-- Elaine (, March 05, 2000.

I believe the episode that Carter's patient jumps off the roof is ER Confidential from Episode 1. Benton's Mother invites Carter for Thanksgiving Dinner, and Carter accepts. He then treats a transvestite patient who was brutally beaten up. The patient can no longer pass for a woman and is despondent. He goes to the roof to jump. When Carter realizes it is his patient on the roof, he rushes up there to talk him down. Unfortunately, the patient jumps. Carter is very upset and sitting in chairs, when Benton finds him and takes him home for Thanksgiving Dinner.

-- judie (, March 06, 2000.

Also, when Benton and Carter had it out, I believe that was when they were on their way to the train, not the roof...if I'm thinking of the same scene to which you're referring. But no one's been up on the roof to get some sun since Carol and Susan. We could use some more lighthearted moments like that...of course when it's warmer...

-- Larry (, March 06, 2000.

Re: Carter's transvestite patient. Carter was supposed to be suturing him and at first was very polite, concerned - then he realized it was a man and got very distant, and just plain mean in fact.

It was surprising behavior for Carter - he felt terrible when they guy jumped.

-- b. thomas (, March 06, 2000.

You know, they wife of the guy who stabbed Carter said that he liked to go to the roof of buildings to get away. Maybe when Carter goes up there sometime to clear his head, the psycho will be up there and there will be some sort of a confrontation and Carter will be tempted to push him off or something. Just a thought.

-- Susan (, March 06, 2000.

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