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Betrayer and Rys Chapter 4 The Master and Slave

Moo was angry the events of his last campaign against the Torles mountains angered him.He lashed his tail at the walls of the large darkened room.,and his claws dug thru the floor , his eyes glowed more than usual,and his roar can be heard throughout the castle chilling all his minions to the bone.

The room was completely empty save for the scorched body of the Hopper that sent the message.

That backstabbing traitor has defeated me once again I need access to that fortress and soon he thought to himself his teeth glistening through the faint light given by the 4 torches in each corner of his vast chamber.

He had considered many eligible Monsters to lead that ill-fated armys far the only general he considered able was King Fritz no other Chieftain under his control has lasted so long. But the defeat of his Durahan army cost him almost all the Durahans belonging to him in the IMA area. And only if he could get his claws on that scaled vermin he would crush him in one good swipe with his powerful paws, the traitor had cost him another irreplaceable fighter. One thing for sure the next attempt will be his to control and to finish.

All of a sudden a swift and cold gust of wind passed by him giving even his furred body a slight chill. Following the wind came fog covering the room almost blocking all that was left of the faint light that was killed by the gust of wind. The fog was as thick as smoke and it was getting difficult to breathe and like a snap of a finger the thick fog was gone replaced by a dark and large block shaped creature.

Even through the darkness Moo knew what the creature was it was clearly a Monol but it was a species he has never seen before. The creature was just like any ordinary Monol save for that its body illuminating the stars and its incredible beauty,ever moving showing not just the stars itself but also the large and colorful heavenly bodies.

What do you want? This is not a good time right now Moo snarled at the unwanted visitor.Go away.

The mysterious Monol just elevated silent and unmoving.

Well speak up you load of shit or you shall taste the fire of Moo Moo obviously irritated at the silence of his guest he roared he stood up on his hind legs with wings spread out, he was terrifying, all powerful he was Moo.

An ordinary monster would have cowered in fear and swear allegiance to Moo, but Galaxy and Brethren were not slaves of Moo he served a much greater master for a much greater cause.You know why I am here now GO bellowed the Monol.In an instant he grew so gigantically that his head almost reached the ceiling of Moos gigantic chambers.

The infamous terror that Moo is known for, the almost godlike image he presented rapidly change into a creature afraid and willing to obey. With all his courage Moo managed to keep a straight face.Fine if thats what he wishes.butbut never again talk to me with that tone.Moo angrily ordered.He then walked on all fours towards the unmoved Monol.Eventually facing the squared shape creature,the titanic size of Monols allowed the large Dragon to pass through its transparent body.

The dark does not scare Moo only the fact that it is home to the only one that he fears.

So Valdahaz have you been able to accomplish your mission said a voice calm but demanding and utterly evil.

IIm sorry my lord II was unable to get my hands on the fire featherthere seems to a minor problemI shall see to it myself next time Master..I promise you. Stuttered Valdahaz his Dragon body shaking with fear.

For a moment the darkness did not respond, he hoped that he would receive no punishment from his feared overlord.

And like the gust of wind a powerful physic blast consumed his mind, it felt like claws of a thousand Katos stabbing and wringing out his brain.

YOU WILL GET ME THE LAST RELIC OR YOU SHALL NEVER AGAIN FEEL FREEDOM the darkness howled the sound was so deafening that to Valdahaz it feels like his ears are about to puff out blood and just about ready to explode.

I have got no choice but to use my powers to aid you, for so far youre pathetic efforts have failed, go back to that pile of rock you call youre castle I shall contact you from there lectured the Darkness.

But how are yo..? Before he could finish his words were cut off by another intense light not as blinding as the other one but just as painful to his eyes.

When he felt it was time to open his eyes, for he no longer can feel the painful heat of the light.He opened his eyelids and he realized that he was back in his castle the more eye friendly mixture of light and darkness that is his room.

He was glad his meeting with the darkness was over, he feared it and what it stands for.Right now he needs to get rid of the town Mainhemm in IMA they pose a threat of assisting Torles cause .He has already chosen who will lead the raiding party.

PPPPPLLLLLLAAAANNNNTTTT Moo roared almost shaking the whole room.

Like a dog its leash being pulled the large door, open a slight bit and a small purple plant entered the room. It approached Moo with cautiousness and bowed down in respect for the legend that stands in front of him.

Y..Y.Yes Masta ya called me? Reported the Plant.

Of course you pile of shit go get the young Chital Prince for me ordered the large Dragon.

OfofCoCourse sir Masta Moo sa I shall go to it right away Plant turned around quickly rushed off and went pass the door willing to leave that place that has been a graveyard for many creatures he does not want to join them.

Akunde stood outside of Moos Camber door trembling afraid of the newss that he expects to receive. Summoning all his courage Akunde pushed on the door with both arms and entered the dark room, at the opposite side of the spacious chamber he saw the large Dragon sitting on the floor his glowing eyes showing no expression and looking directly at him.

Moo continued to look at the young chital prince the boy has practically lived here his whole life in a state of captivity though he was a prisoner the monsters were unable to touch him. King Fritz trained his own son here in this castle passing down all his fighting knowledge to his offspring, King Fritz was tall even for a chital but he was very strong it has been rumored that he was as strong as himself and I it wasnt for his son King Fritz would have turned on him. Now in front of him was another similar warrior but younger, bigger, does not carry the weight of a telsa coil and its dangers.

AkundeIm afraid I have some bad news..Its about your father heValdahz started.

Is he alright, when is he coming back, has he been killed..I..Iinterupted the young prince.

As if he was waiting for someone else to answer the poor creature, Valdahaz liked the boy it saddened him to have to tell him of his fathers unfortunate fate.Im sorry Akunde I was forced to send your father to battle SilveIm afraid even against Extreme odds Silve killed your father.

Akunde just stared at Moo stunned, he fell on his knees and cries, the dark stripes on his face rendering his tears invisible.

GET UPYOU ARE SHAMING THE MEMORY OF YOUR FATHER Valdahaz yelled all of a sudden. The booming like sound of the voice was so loud that it felt like the room was about to break apart.Others consider me evil saying that I want to rule the world but it is them who are wrong they killed your father Akunde is that not an act of evil itself.

Wiping away his tears Akunde stood up and faced his master.Give me a chance Moo let me have this chance to avenge his death I shall slay them all.

Before I send you to Torles I must test you, in Ima there is a city filled with trainers you must either destroy them if they resist you or if they promise allegiance to me. Tell Plant to prepare sections 6 and 13 this enough to scare them off. Beware of the one they call Pabs he is a master trainer and has interfered with many of my plans before. Moo instructed.

Thank You Moo, I will easily crush those trainer trash I promise you. With a bow Akunde left the room never turning his back to the dragon continuously bowing to his master.

When the Prince left the room Moo was quite amused by the young chitals way of departing it was quite obv.AAAAARRRRGGGGGHH.

Like lightning in a storm an extremely painful blast of energy exploded in his head. As he tried to recover from the pain a voice spoke.

Greetings Moo Valdahaz said weakly.

My name is Daemon servant of the Darkness

Then what the fuck was that for? Moo asked.

It was just a reminder to show you that those who disobey my master shall feel his wrath.

H..he sent you..what is your purpose hereand where arare you I dont see you anywhere did..did you make me blind?

Youll be happy to know that I shall always be with youfor I am inside your mindsaid the voice.

What you pile of worm dung I shalAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH? An even more painful blast of energy hit his mind it felt like his head was going to explode.

Tut tut tut watch the words snake I can turn your brains into dino food if I wish,now we have a job to do GET UP!said the deamon.

-- Rion Beyolve (, March 05, 2000

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