What setting do you use to record gauntir1.

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I just got finished playing gauntlet. (4,000,000 pts) Only to find out that my recording is bad. I was wondering what setting do you use to get a good recording.

-- Lord AxE (alvaromarques@hotmail.com), March 04, 2000


Sorry to hear that AxE, but with all the late atari games you must delete any .nv and hiscore files before you start, that includes recording and playing back. The .cfg files don't seem to cause problems though and so you can leave these alone. Default settings were used by the way.

Having said that I can't for the life of me play back most of other people's atari games and this includes csprint and ssprint recordings which go out of sync after a lap or so. And also TT's marble madness recordings which I would love to see.

-- LordGaz (garyjlee@hotmail.com), March 05, 2000.

Actually, I've found that I need to delete the cfg file when recording and playing Marble Madness (win32b16), best delete this also to be sure before making a marathon recording. And test it with a short trial recording first.

-- LordGaz (garyjlee@hotmail.com), March 10, 2000.

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