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Halifax jail lets robber free one year early

WebPosted Mar 2 2000 9:45 AM EST HALIFAX, N.S. - An administrative glitch at the Halifax Correctional Centre has given a robber his freedom. The jail mistakenly allowed the inmate to get out of jail a year earlier than expected.

Sean Avery Upshaw was recently sentenced to 20 months in jail for robbery and uttering threats. A Daily News report says Upshaw wasn't supposed to be eligible for early-release until February of 2001. But exactly one year before Upshaw's release-date, his record was somehow wiped out and the 18-year-old walked out of the Lower Sackville facility one year early.

A justice department official calls the incident a serious mistake, and says an internal investigation will be launched.

RCMP are looking for Upshaw, but neither police nor RCMP have obtained arrest warrants because technically Upshaw isn't unlawfully at large.

Source: CBC News, Toronto, Canada

-- Crossposter (, March 04, 2000



I'm saddened to see you're afraid to show your original name. But, if you are who I think you are, it's so nice to see you continuing your good work. Thanks, and keep it up. :)

-- firefly (, March 05, 2000.

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