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GICC posters and readers -

The GICC founders, administrators, sys ops, and analysts met Friday, March 3, 2000, to strengthen GICC goals and purposes.

As per the outcome of our meeting, and in reference to the original objectives of the GICC, the goal of the GICC is as follows: To report legitimate, verifiable stories of Y2K related events, suspected Y2K events, and critical infrastructure events that are not Y2K related. Unverified stories may be reported, as long as the word RUMOR is the lead word in the post title.

The required format of the posts are:

1. If the cause or nature of the event is Y2K *confirmed*, the title of the post should include Y2K.

2. Each post title should include a geographic reference, if at all possible and pertinent. For example, a chemical spill into the Colorado River would have a title akin to: "COLORADO: Fish Grow Two Heads and Learn to Play Gin Rummy Thanx to Last Month's Xenomozmorhpinamin Spill into River." Same goes for the country reference, if international.

3. Data analysis from the last 2 months of GICC activity shows that this forum is a straightforward "informational" forum, meaning that we don't provide/host much discussion, but instead we give much needed verifiable facts for readers to interpret as they wish. However, on-topic discussion is always encouraged as long as it contributes to increased factual understanding/knowledge of the participants.

4. Posts are required to have legitimate email names.

5. Posts should have a link of reference, or name of contact within them for verifiability. If the information is a rumor, the post title must begin with RUMOR:.

6. Any posts that do not satisfy the above criteria will be deleted without explanation. If we don't, we get ENDLESS complaints from our very busy readers who want JUST THE FACTS that we provide to them so efficiently.

We are *very* appreciative of our posters and our readers. It is our goal to continue in this format indefinitely, and we will be strict about adhering to the above guidelines. Please check for our new categories, due to arrive within the week.

In peace ~

Jen Bunker, and the GICC Administrators GICC Sys Ops GICC Analysts

-- Jen Bunker (jen@bunkergroup.com), March 04, 2000

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